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The McLaren GT exploded into a segment of posh, Union Jacked-up British grand tourers. While the best and most desirable from Aston Martin and Bentley produced their eager power reserves via front-engine layout, McLaren produced a mid-engine, two-seater GT car with continent-crushing civility. However, time’s up for the GT. The incoming 2025 McLaren GTS promises big power and a handsome facelift.

The 2025 McLaren GTS replaces the outgoing GT with a 14-horsepower bump and an aesthetic update

The replacement for the McLaren GT shows off its side profile.
2025 McLaren GTS | McLaren

British performance car marque McLaren unveiled its replacement for the five-year-old GT. At a glance, the GTS bears many of the same design language as the outgoing GT. However, the new model has several updates to bring it into the mid-2020s. 

  • New colors like “Lava Grey,” “Mantis Green,” “Tanzanite Blue,” and “Ice White”
  • New interior trim and materials 
  • 10-spoke “Turbine” wheels
  • Styling updates to the front bumper and rear fenders
  • Reshaped rear-end architecture for better airflow
  • Improved front axle-lift system

What’s more, the 2025 McLaren GTS bumps the GT’s twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8’s power output from 612 to 626 horsepower. On top of the increased power reserves, the GTS sheds 22 lbs, making for a better power-to-weight ratio for the brand’s highway hauler. 

The lighter weight and bump in power may result in snappy acceleration figures. McLaren estimates a sprint to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, though that may be conservative. Not that the GT is a slouch; I had quite the time keeping up with the 3,373 lbs GT on a sub-500 lb Triumph Thruxton R. 

A 2025 McLaren GTS kicks up dust as it speeds on a salt flat.
2025 McLaren GTS | McLaren

The GT’s spacious rear storage area and frunk survive the update, much to the delight of deep-pocketed GT car fanatics. However, beyond the surface-level updates, the GTS is close in form to its predecessor. 

The company’s CEO, Michael Leiters, says the GTS is a supercar and a GT car rolled into one. “When you want a true supercar driving experience, the GTS delivers that; when you want to relax on a longer journey of with luggage for a weekend away, the GTS is an ideal companion.”

ModelStarting priceHorsepowerTorqueCurb weight
2025 McLaren GTS$260,000 (est)626 hp465 lb-ft3,351 lbs
2024 McLaren GT$256,125612 hp465 lb-ft3,373 lbs

McLaren says deliveries will begin in late 2024. We estimate that pricing will be similar to the outgoing GT model. 

Source: McLaren