The McLaren MP4-12C is Missing the Most Basic Tech Features Even the Toyota Prius Has

The McLaren MP4-12C wasn’t the first supercar ever created by the heritage-laden manufacturer, but it was the first higher-quantity production vehicle produced by the company alone. This high-performance supercar is as nimble as it is fast, offering just over 600 hp from a perfectly weight-balanced mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform that makes the car handle like an over-powered Lotus, with all of the comforts of a true luxury car. But, the McLaren MP4-12C is missing one feature that has become so basic that even the most affordable commuter cars on the market have made them standard.

The MP4-12C doesn’t offer standard BlueTooth music streaming

McLaren MP4-12C
McLaren MP4-12C | View Pictures, Universal Images Group, Getty Images

For a car that came with a six-figure price tag — and still maintains a high six-figure price even in used condition on today’s market — it is missing some basic tech and luxury features that even more basic cars offer standard. The base model of the vehicle still does offer BlueTooth calling, but it doesn’t go as far as offering the ability to stream music from your phone, leading you to use an old-fashioned aux cord like many of us grew up with. While it seems like a somewhat silly complaint, the McLaren MP4-12C isn’t an older supercar, with its first official production year being 2011. So, for the price and prestige, buyers might have been expecting the ability to stream music from their phone to the infotainment system of their McLaren supercar.

Luxury meets raw machinery

It may seem like a simple task to design a car that offers a raw, driver-focused experience while still adding all of the luxuries and tech demanded by the brand. Regardless of this small omission of a basic tech feature, the McLaren MP4-12C is so exciting to drive that you will forget that you don’t have BlueTooth music streaming anyways. Roll the windows down, and you’ll be happy o hear the symphonic tones of the engine revving, and, in states where it is legal to modify your exhaust, the sound of the turbo spooling sounds like a gentle purr — you don’t even think about reaching over to turn up the music anyways.

The McLaren MP4-12C is perfectly imperfect


Is McLaren’s Most Affordable Supercar a Good Daily Driver?

Even missing this major quality, the McLaren MP4-12C is an exquisite example of a supercar that can be driven just as well as a daily-driven commuter vehicle as it can on the track. Its performance and handling do well to compete again more expensive exotic cars while still handling around corners in a way that’s almost comparable to what you’d expect from a Lotus — just with more horsepower. The smooth-shifting transmission, powerful engine, and comfortable cabin space and seats do well to make up for lacking such a basic tech feature, and, if you’re really desperate, you can always use a BlueTooth dongle plugged into the aux port to resolve the issue.