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The McLaren Artura is old news. That is, it’s been around for a couple of years, effortlessly dispelling the “no replacement for displacement” rhetoric everywhere it went. However, for 2025, the McLaren Artura returns with bragging rights abound, including a sun-soaked Spider version and a commendable bump in power. 

The 2025 McLaren Artura Spider adds 19 horsepower and loses its top

The Artura returns for 2025 with much of the same. Dramatic styling, carbon fiber aplenty, and a hybrid twin-turbo V6 in place of a V8. However, the 2025 McLaren Artura Spider adds a retractable hard-top convertible option to the supercar’s formula.

Further, power output rises to 690 horsepower from the Artura’s hybrid twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6. It’s a bump of 19 ponies over the previous model. However, torque figures remain the same, namely 531 lb-ft.

A blue McLaren shows off its drop-top platform.
2025 McLaren Artura Spider | McLaren

As such, you’d expect snappy performance from the new Artura Spider. The British performance car marque quotes a sprint to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds, around 0.4 ticks behind the much more rigid hardtop supercar.

Power is channeled through the previous model year’s eight-speed dual-clutch. However, the 2025 Artura and its Spider variant feature a shift-quickening “pre-fill” facility. The new feature pressurizes the gearbox’s hydraulic fluid to shorten shift times by up to 25%. 

A blue 2025 McLaren Artura Spider parks next to the water.
2025 McLaren Artura Spider | McLaren

What’s more, Car and Driver describes the styling as “modern almost alien-inspired.” It’s true; McLaren’s approach to dramatic supercar styling leaves behind the conventional. That much is obvious with the McLaren Artura Spider. Squinted lamps, swooping curves, and pronounced intakes certainly make the drop-top Artura appear as though it could lift off at any time. 

Starting price$281,008
Engine typeHybrid twin-turbo 3.0L V6
Horsepower690 horsepower
Torque531 lb-ft of torque
0-60 mph3.0 seconds (est)
Top speed205 mph (electronically limited)