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New McLaren GT ride-on toy
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McLaren Introduces More Affordable McLaren GT Option…For Kids

McLaren is known for producing high-performance supercars that cost more than a pretty penny, but they do offer some more affordable options...they just happen to be made for kids. This ride-on cars are more affordable, and they serve a bigger purpose: the encourage the next generation of automotive engineers, designers, and enthusiasts.

McLaren has announced the addition of a new vehicle in their lineup, but it isn’t what you think. On its own, the newest offering by the brand is more affordable than almost anything that the manufacturer has produced so far — probably because this one is designed specifically for children. That’s right, the new 2021 McLaren GT now has a more affordable option: a ride-on miniature that is perfect for any future car enthusiast.

McLaren Badge
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McLaren has produced several miniature versions of its cars as ride-on toys

New McLaren GT ride-on toy
New McLaren GT ride-on toy | McLaren

The 2021 McLaren GT is a beautiful piece of machinery that will run you upwards of around $200,000 — not a price most consumers are looking to bite into. The GT ride-on is the newest addition to the brand’s miniature edition of children’s toys which are just miniature and more affordable versions of the full-sized street-legal vehicle. While the final price of the toy hasn’t been released yet, it is safe to assume that it will be one of the more affordable options in the brand’s lineup. But, it is the perfect birthday or holiday present to order ahead for the future automotive enthusiasts and supercar fanatics in your life.

More than just a basic ride-on toy

McLaren GT ride-on car
McLaren GT ride-on car | McLaren

While it will only cost a few hundred dollars at most, this McLaren GT ride-on toy offers quite a bit of feature and functions. In fact, the toy offers a rather authentic experience for children, with a key that starts the small electric car and produces realistic engine noises, it’s almost like driving a real miniature McLaren — well, not quite. It features the design of the full-scale 2021 McLaren GT and doesn’t skimp on the finer details, giving the toy car working dihedral doors for extra flare. Besides that, it also has a dashboard with working controls for a truly authentic experience. According to McLaren, however, the car is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6, so adults will have to pony up the six-figure MSRP to get an experience of their own.

As an electric car, this ride-on has a working accelerator that provides the user with authentic engine noises, working brake lights, meaning kids can enjoy this in the same way many of us grew up with small Barbie Jeeps and Tonka ride-on cars, but this little GT upgrades the experience with a working infotainment system that even plays music.

The future of automotive enthusiasts

The ride-on toy is based on the new 2021 McLaren GT isn’t the first mini supercar that the brand has made for the enjoyment of future car enthusiasts, joining the ranks of the ride-on P1, 720S, and Senna. While this cute addition to your garage is perfect for any McLaren enthusiasts, the brand has announced that it serves more of a purpose than just standing out on the playground.

At McLaren Automotive, we aim to inspire the future generation of supercar enthusiasts. The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to discover the magic of our pioneering supercars. We’re proud to develop and encourage younger minds and seek to create the next generation of drivers, engineers, and automotive designers

Hayley Robinson, Merchandise, Licensing & Partnerships Manager, McLaren Automotive

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The new McLaren ride-on toy might be the more affordable option in the brand’s lineup against that of high-performance supercars, but it was designed to be an investment in the future of automotive engineers, scientists, collectors, and enthusiasts, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.