Best First Cars for Future Auto Enthusiasts

If you are a car enthusiast then you know that it’s not just about what cars you drive and own, it’s about passion. That means there is a whole generation of new automotive enthusiasts that aren’t even old enough to drive yet. Sure, there are plenty of new cars you can buy your teenager for their first car, but what do you buy for someone that shares all of those qualities but can satisfy the next generation of car enthusiasts? Skip the new cars and buy something a little bit used if you want something awesome.

You can’t go wrong with Nissan

Nissan will always hold a place in my hold. It was the first car I owner, the first car that I learned to work on, and the first car that modified. There is just something about owning a Nissan that is great for new automotive enthusiasts. You probably know where this is going: the Nissan 350z is a car that you shouldn’t pass up.

The 350z isn’t the newest car, but you can find them regularly on the used car market for under $10,000 in decent condition. They are easy to work on, inexpensive to own, maintain, and build, and they have a lot of aftermarket support.


Don’t hate me for this one

People love to hate the Ford Mustang, but it really isn’t a bad car for first-time car owners. There are so many generations of Mustang to chose from that you can buy some for almost dirt cheap. Like the Nissan 350z, there is a lot of aftermarket support for the Ford Mustang. They are a great car to learn how to work on because they are inexpensive to repair, and there are a lot of resources for DIY projects.

A yellow 2006 Ford Mustang on display at an auto show
A 2006 Ford Mustang on display | STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images

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An older American truck

We can’t forget all of the truck enthusiasts out there either, because customizing and modifying trucks is also popular. There are a lot of reasons to buy an older American truck. They are practical, and they can actually be pretty cool. Just like the cars on this list, buying an older Ford, Chevy, or Dodge truck is a great first car to work on, customize, and build. There are big online communities to learn from and ask questions also.

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Then of course, if you don’t like any of these options, there are so many more to pick from. If you check out this video from Donut Media there are a few more options that aren’t mentioned that are also excellent options for a first car if you want something cool that you can work on.