How to Become an Automotive Enthusiast

Whether you want to learn more about the automotive industry to empower yourself for your next car purchase at your local dealership, want to become your own mechanic, or are just interested in obtaining a new hobby, there are a wide variety of resources available online for you to learn more about cars and how they work.

With everything going on in the world, it’s an especially good time to dive into something new and take up a new interest. Here are some enjoyable and engaging ways to learn about the latest and greatest regarding the automotive industry online.

Explore YouTube

As you know, YouTube is a great platform for entertainment and helpful information. There are numerous channels dedicated to the ins and outs of cars. For starters, you can search for “cars 101” and find informative videos from automotive basics, safety tips and overall car culture language. With so many options it’s like having your own, personalized automotive enthusiast community.

Find Your Dream Car

It’s pretty safe to say that you have imagined yourself in your dream car. Maybe you saw on display at a local car show, parked outside of the mall, or maybe in your favorite music video. No matter where you saw it, it’s important to let your curiosity and excitement for your preferred make and model encourage you to research everything about it from its origin story to the present date. Soon enough, your fascination with your dream car will inspire you to research other models and the automotive industry as a whole.

Take an Online Class

While attending a car show or local car meetup might be the most stimulating way for you to become an automotive enthusiast, it is not a realistic to attend these type of events as gathering in large groups is prohibited at this current time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re looking for more structured options to learn more about cars, and offer free or nearly free courses.

If you’re just beginning or looking for a refresher, both platforms offer insight into mechanical basics as well as self-paced courses on other specific topics like electric car overviews.

Discover a New Automotive Book

For more car insight online, explore digital automotive sections on or take advantage of having an active library card and visit the online portal ChiltonLibrary to research your local library’s resources. This portal is updated consistently with the most current content and car collections. Checkout authenticated automotive guides like Tom Newton’s “How Cars Work,” Quentin Wilson’s “Cool Cars,” and Lisa Chapman’s “The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Cars.”

State Up-to-Date with, Duh

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