Why Do People Love To Hate Mustangs?

Mustangs seem to be one of the most polarizing cars on the market. Whether its a classic car shows or modern-day muscle meets, people are either excited to see a Mustang, or they couldn’t care less that it’s even there. With all of the heritage Ford has put into Mustang, it’s hard to imagine why people could love to hate them so much, but they do.

You never know what to expect

With the wide range of Mustang options, you never know what to expect from their performance. The new GT500, for example, will easily outperform some new supercars even, like the Audi R8, because it comes with 760hp from the factory. Lower models aren’t quite as fast, but they are easy to tune and modify.

Three Ford Mustangs at sunset
A trio of 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustangs at sunset | Ford Motor Company

Mustangs are also popular among classic car collectors because even though they may have changed drastically over the years Ford has done a fantastic job in sticking to their heritage and continuing to produce cars of high caliber regardless of generation.

If you don’t recognize all of the nuances between the different Mustang trims, you might never know what to expect. The Ecoboost engines are a great option for getting better fuel economy in a sports car that is surprisingly also a good daily driver, and even though it accelerations quickly and handles well it doesn’t quite shock people the way that the V8 engines do.

Mustangs are common

The first argument I hear when it comes to why someone doesn’t like Mustangs is because they are ‘too common’ or ‘too popular’ — hipster much? But then again, Camaros and Chargers are just as common, so why is there so much hatred for the Mustang in particular?

three Mustang GT350s. A red one and dark blue with a candy blue 2017 Ford Mustang in the foreground
2017 Ford Mustang GT350 Shelby | Ford

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The popularity of the Mustang is one of the car’s biggest benefits. With all of the trim levels throughout the year, you can pick between a variety of options like transmissions and engines. They are also incredibly customizable from the front to the back, with lots of companies that make aftermarket parts and pieces to make the car your own.

The ability to customize cars isn’t a choice many people make, and a lot of people prefer rather vanilla cars with no modifications done aftermarket. Mustangs are popular in so many groups, from tuners to restorers to riders, that they can have so many different styles, and for some reason, this really gets under people’s skin.

At the end of the argument people that dislike or like Mustangs are just part of the never-ending muscle-car rivalry, and just like when it comes to a sports team there are plenty of reasons to love or hate the team you are on or against. Whatever your opinion of Mustangs are, they are a part of muscle car history and will continue to be a part of the muscle car world for many, many years to come.