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McLaren makes some of the most incredible and engaging supercars in the world, but the company has had financial issues. The development of new products and technology takes an enormous amount of up-front capital, which McLaren struggled with in the past. Recently, a new owner took over 100% of McLaren Group.

The new owner isn’t wholly new

Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, recently took complete ownership of McLaren Group. Prior to this move, the wealth fund owned 60% of the supercar company. This change to complete ownership could easily boost development and improve the future of McLaren.

White McLaren 720S supercar with the doors open
McLaren 720S | McLaren

How much did McLaren need this boost?

In order to develop the delayed McLaren Artura, the company had to sell off some resources that it shouldn’t have had to lose, this meant selling some historic vehicles. Before that, the company sold its headquarters and Formula 1 factory to fund other projects.

As you can see, the funding from Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company is extremely important to ensuring McLaren can continue to compete in the supercar world.

What could this mean for McLaren Automotive?

With funding for future projects out of the way, McLaren can focus on its future, which includes the electrification of many supercars. Paul Wash, McLaren Group’s executive chairman, said of this change:

“[it] will further enable us to focus on delivering our long-term business plan.”

This long-term business plan includes investing in new products and technologies.

Product development hasn’t slowed at McLaren

McLaren launched the 750S in 2022 and the 720S in 2023, offering impressive supercars that continued the success of this company. The team also turned the GT into the GTS, making a more practical supercar.

McLaren’s future lies in developing electrified models. This could start with a new plug-in hybrid V8 engine that might reach 1,000 horsepower. As this new engine becomes part of the mix, new gullwing models will replace the classic dihedral doors. The next McLaren supercar will also receive an all-new carbon-fiber chassis, while featuring various 3D-printed suspension items.

Financial stability could add incredible quality to McLaren supercars

Previous models from this brand have been called “non-mature products.” This means they fell short of other supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. This new ownership position and support should enable future McLaren vehicles to have the mature quality desired.

This new financial support allows McLaren to expand, adapt, and improve the quality of its products for the future, giving customers something to look forward to.

Source: Motor1