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First off, this did not happen in the US. The destruction of these seven desirable vehicles happened in Indonesia. The Genesis and Solara we can live with, but it is the McLaren and 911 Porsche that makes us cry. 

Indonesia’s Bureau of Customs destroys illegally imported vehicles no matter how rare or valuable

Illegal Philippines McLaren smashed
Illegal Philippines vehicles smashed | Indonesian Bureau of Customs

Indonesia has its own way of dealing with illegal vehicles. The Bureau of Customs has no choice but to destroy illegal property. And if it is a McLaren 620R, then so be it. This is the sad fate of many illegally seized vehicles all over the world. 

In this case or cases, the cars were imported between 2018 and 2020. These seven cars were imported illegally. The story behind some of them is not known, but as for the McLaren, we know the details through social media. 

Why was the McLaren smashed?

Illegal Philippines Porsche smashed
Illegal Philippines vehicles smashed | Indonesian Bureau of Customs

The person importing the McLaren claimed it was a Porsche Cayman. He thought it would sneak by customs and he would pay less in taxes than what it actually was. So this was a clear case of tax dodging and Indonesia does not take the crime lightly. 

Back in 2017 Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came down hard after a wave of illegally imported vehicles showed up. He ordered that such vehicles be destroyed, in part to send a message to importers that there would be no second chance for the contraband. Even if it was a rare McLaren 620R.

Besides this latest batch of seven seen here, an additional 14 discovered at another port were also smashed. These 21 were preceded by an additional 17 the government destroyed earlier this year. So, yeah, we’d say they’re very serious about sending a message

Over $1.1 million in illegal cars were destroyed in this smash-fest

Illegal Philippines vehicles smashed
Illegal Philippines vehicles smashed | Indonesian Bureau of Customs

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Valued at over $1.1 million, this latest group includes the aforementioned McLaren and Porsche 911 C2S. But there was also a 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Hyundai Genesis, Toyota Solara, and others that were not noted. The method of destruction was a garden-variety backhoe continually smashing against the vehicles. 

Illegally importing vehicles appears to be quite a problem in the Philippines. Back in 2018, there were almost 100 illegally imported vehicles destroyed. They were valued at $6 million. The destruction was also displayed to the public to drive the point home. 

Of course, the question becomes if destroying them is meant to be a deterrent, but large quantities of vehicles continue to be imported illegally, then is it working? We would say not. And if this many are being brought in illegally and discovered, how many sneak through without detection?