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People often revere cars from the 90s because they represent a specific style from automotive history. However, automakers at the time were experimenting with all sorts of features that they thought would be the things of the future. However, some of these features were actually quite dangerous and are out of practice in today’s world for that reason. Here’s why even some of the best 90s cars are dangerous. 

90s cars were dangerous because they lacked safety features

There are many reasons why even the best 90s cars are more dangerous than most people know. However, perhaps the biggest reason is that they lack basic safety features. For starters, airbags were not required for most of the decade. According to Automotive News, the U.S. mandated them in 1998. However, they have been around since the 1970s. 

Even some of the best cars from the 90s are unsafe
Air bag | saravuth-photohut via iStock

Many 90s cars had anti-lock brakes. However, not all models did, and this feature didn’t become mandatory until 2012. This omission makes some models from the time especially dangerous when driving in bad weather. It’s because of this that people who buy older vehicles must do the proper research. 

Some 90s cars have automatic seat belts

Automatic seatbelts became a thing in the 1970s. However, there were quite a few 90s cars that used them. While some thought they looked cool, these seat belts posed a danger. This is because most people would not fasten the lap belt. Because of this, people wouldn’t have protection during car accidents. These seat belts started to fall out of fashion halfway through the decade. 

Some models from that time have pop up head lights

Many people love the look of pop-up headlights, but they are one of the reasons why cars from that time are so dangerous. However, this danger is to pedestrians rather than drivers or passengers. This is because many pop-up headlights were sharp, which could cause even more injuries to people on the street in the event of an accident. This is one reason they aren’t in cars today. 

Lower visibility

Some cars from the 90s have designs that make visibility a challenge. This is because some models have plunging rooflines or higher belt lines. However, this argument also exists for some cars from today. In general, vehicles from that time represent a very different culture. The safety regulations weren’t where they are now, and some of the features were a bit short-sighted. Still, some of the best cars come from the 90s.