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The McLaren 765LT

Robb Report Names the McLaren 765LT ‘Best Supercar of 2021″

McLaren has been known for two things: its spectacular racing prowess, and its ability to produce some of the most well-balanced performance-oriented supercars in the world. Perhaps that is why this year, according to Robb Report, the McLaren 765LT received a high accolade with the title of Best Supercar of 2021.

In the past several years, supercars have become a more and more popular topic for the general consumer basis. While once reserved as ideas for the wealthier car enthusiasts, YouTube sensations have shown that some supercars can be purchased for a more affordable price with some elbow grease, spiking the interest in supercars by quite some bit. Along with that, smaller manufacturers and companies have stepped up to throw their hats in the ring with their own supercars, such as the SSC Tuatara and Rimac Nevera. But, according to Robb Report, the tried and true option of the year comes from McLaren, which received the honor of having the ‘Best Supercar of 2021’.

The McLaren 765LT
The McLaren 765LT | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

The McLaren 765LT wins ‘Best Supercar of 2021’

The McLaren 765LT
The McLaren 765LT | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

You may not have seen the exquisitely priced McLaren 765LT on the road as often as many more common and affordable cars, it’s aggressive and unique styling is sure to make it stand out. The precisely engineered design isn’t just in place to give the car a striking appearance, either, as the aerodynamic features of the 765LT are selected to make the car as performance-oriented and exhilarating as possible while still allowing drivers and owners to enjoy the vehicle on the road, rather than just being reserved for the racetrack. But, there is more to the McLaren 765LT that meets the eyes, making it worthy of the title of Best Supercar of 2021, according to the prestigious Robb Report.

This Robb Report ‘Best of the Best‘ accolade is very prestigious for McLaren Automotive and is a great testament to the team behind the 765LT who worked tirelessly to reduce weight and sharpen the responses of what was already a class-leading supercar in the McLaren 720S.

Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive

A well-refined piece of machinery for the street

Like the models before it, the McLaren 765LT is a refined machine designed to dominate on surface roads as well as the track. Under the rear hatch sits a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine designed by McLaren, which provides the well-balanced car with 755 bhp. While the horsepower is impressive enough on its own, it pairs well with a stellar power-to-weight ratio, as the vehicle itself only weighs an impressively light 2,709 lbs at its minimum dry weight. With a quarter-mile of just 9.9 seconds, this supercar stands to be an impressive competitor in the market.

McLaren’s seven-speed Sequential Shift Gearbox delivers smooth, immediate response to match the car’s laser sharp handling and telepathic steering feedback. The active suspension helps drivers tackle corners fast, flat and with a reassuring sense of control, bolstered by the presence of the same massive brake calipers found on the McLaren Senna,”

Robb Report’s panel of automotive experts

A well-rounded luxury supercar

What makes the McLaren 765LT such an exquisite example of a supercar is that it matches incredible performances and handling with luxury, making it a comfortable daily driver for anyone bold enough to daily drive it and an otherwise impressive piece of machinery that won’t leave you running to the chiropractor after each driver. Even with its focus on weight reduction, McLaren didn’t skimp on the luxury features many drivers are looking for, especially from a vehicle of this price, and even better, you can drive it on the surface roads with just as much ease as you can on the track.


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