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Car thieves occasionally work up the courage (or stupidity) to steal easily recognizable supercars. It is rare to see car thieves go for something so easily recognizable and owned by a famous person. Well, two thieves not only stole Thomas Davis’ highlighter-yellow McLaren 720S, but they also crashed the hell out of it. Stealing and wrecking an NFL player’s car seems like a terrible idea.

This wrecked McLaren 720 belongs to Thomas Davis but was stolen and then crashed
Thomas Davis wrecked McLaren 720S | Thomas Davis

You got to be pretty bold to steal an NFL player’s car

According to CarScoops, the theft happened early Tuesday morning. The local police believe that the two suspects caught on camera rifled through other cars parked in the driveway before getting into the garage with the McLaren. 

Davis and his wife called the police later that morning when a neighbor called and told them they saw their McLaren wrecked on the side of the road. After leaving the house to find their stolen supercar, the couple noticed their other cars with doors ajar and gone through. 

How did Thomas Davis McLaren 720S get wrecked? 


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Once the thieves got into the McLaren, they drove off but didn’t get too far. It is unclear exactly what happened here, but shortly after stealing the supercar, something happened, and the McLaren took a good pop to the rear left wheel. The crash left the McLaren immobilized, so the two geniuses left in the road. 

The authorities believe that Thomas Davis’ McLaren 720 must have collided with the getaway car because no one reported a wreck or hit and run involving a fairly recognizable McLaren. If that is the case, then these car thieves managed to get their hands on a $300,000 car and wreck it into their own car before they could so much as plan what to do with the money. 

The former Carolina Panther posted to Instagram photos of his wrecked supercar. The car it hit must have been something taller with big tires like a truck or SUV, by the looks of it. The spot that has the most damage appears to be covered in tire marks across the neon green/yellow wrap. 

The hit also knocked one of the four custom Forgiato wheels clean off. The driver’s side door and rear quarter panel got smacked pretty well. The worst of the damage is the detached wheel and whatever else is going on with the suspension and brakes in that area. McLaren’s, like most supercars, aren’t the simplest of machines. There is no doubt there is probably close to six figures of damage here. 

Now, the former NFL linebacker is looking for the thieves

What’s worse than stealing a car and wrecking it? Stealing a former NFL linebacker’s McLaren and wrecking it, and now you got a pro linebacker looking for you. Davis posted photos of the thieves on Instagram, letting everyone know that he is offering a cash reward to anyone with information on the two thieves. 

“If any of you recognize either one of these idiots that decided it was a good idea to come into my home and go through all of my cars and even steal and wreck my McLaren,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m offering a cash reward for anyone that can help identify who these guys are!”