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Stealing cars is unbelievably lame. However, the video captured by the dashcam of this stolen Audi R8 supercar raising hell through the streets of this Australian suburb is pretty incredible. For 25 minutes, Darren Johns burned the roads up in a fairly impressive and completely wreckless bit of driving. 

Stolen Audi R8 sitting on the tow truck. The stolen supercar was found with nearly $100k worth of damage.
Stolen Audi R8 | YouTube: ViralHog

Honestly, this video feels like someone trying to remake a scene from GTA with a stolen supercar.

A stolen Audi R8 is a dangerous thing

The Drive reports that Darren Johns allegedly swiped this Audi R8 in December of 2020. The stolen supercar’s owner claims Johns stole the Audi as he fled a random breath testing checkpoint. The best part is that the Audi R8 owner had installed an automatic recording system in the supercar that captured the entire hair-raising event. 

The video is something that truly feels unbelievable. Nine times out of 10, someone driving a supercar this erratically ends up in a massive crash. Somehow Johns keeps the Audi out of the ditch. 

The longer the video goes, the more you can see the driver’s confidence increasing. He blasts through stop signs, passes other drivers on the wrong side of the street with oncoming traffic inbound. The weaving and swerving make any seasoned supercar video viewer cringe many times as we expect the slide off the road to happen at any moment. It never happens. 

After about 20 minutes of driving the Audi R8 like a hill-billy Daniel Ricciardo, Johns pulls into what must be a buddy’s front yard and seems to be flexing his alleged fancy new loot. He appears to pop a curb either on the way in or out, which led to the control breaking. Since the back rear wheel is now flopping around, the handling has to be completely gone. Yet, he still manages to keep the stolen supercar on the tarmac. 

The stolen supercar has plenty of power 

It can be hard to tell how fast the alleged Audi R8 thief is actually going from the video. At certain points, Johns is hitting speeds of 100 mph and over through this suburb. 

The alleged car thief who stole an Audi R8 caught on the camera inside the car
Darren Johns, Alleged Audi R8 thief | YouTube: ViralHog

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We get a chilling reminder of just how dangerous these kinds of joyrides can be when he stops to show off to what looks like some neighborhood kids. When they refuse his offers to “get in here,” he turns around and flies past them as they dart to get out of the street. 

Even though Johns miraculously never crashes the stolen Audi R8, he did cause about $100k in damage. Throughout his last mins of freedom in his newly acquired (stolen) supercar, we can see the car quickly deteriorate from foolish driving. 

We see smoke coming from the breaks and or clutch, the control arm that snaps on the curb, as well as the last-ditch effort to hide in someone’s backyard as he forces it through a narrow gap in the fence. The alleged thief didn’t need to crash it to nearly total the poor Audi R8.

The Audi R8 saga ended without injury 

Eventually, the owner tracked the scorched tarmac from the stolen supercar long enough until he found the car long after Johns had ditched it and escaped on foot.

Although the car got pretty torn up, thankfully, no one was hurt in this wild joyride. Johns was eventually arrested, and the car recovered. I’m sure the Audi owner wasn’t thrilled about the extensive damage to his car, but this scene went about as well as it could have, all things considered.