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A man driving a Vespa scooter in Basilicata, Italy

Are Vespas Motorcycles or Scooters?

In the world of scooter, moped, and motorcycle models, the luxurious brand that dominates is Vespa. Vespa two-wheelers are produced by the Piaggio company. You might be wondering what category the Vespa falls into. Are Vespas motorcycles or scooters, and how can you tell the difference?
Some e-scooters are standing on a sidewalk
Hybrids & Electrics

The New Honda U-BE Electric Scooter Costs Less Than $500

The Honda U-BE electric scooter is one of the most affordable new electric scooters on the market from a reputable and popular brand, with a starting price of just under $500. With so many good aspects to the Honda U-BE only time will tell if Honda will choose to bring it to the American market.
A person rides a Spin e-scooter in San Francisco
Hybrids & Electrics

New Remote-Controlled E-Scooter From Ford-Owned Spin Will Calm Angry Residents

What happens when you provide millions of random people with electric-powered scooters to do with as they please? You prompt bans and the near-collapse of the e-scooter industry. In November 2018, Ford Smart Mobility acquired the e-scooter company Spin for $100 million. Now, with American citizens and officials growing fed up with e-scooters cluttering their …
Onewheel Plus XR is an electric multi-terrain rideable
2 Wheels

The Best Hands-Free Scooter Premium Experience For 2021 According to CNET

Electric scooters have been a growing trend in recent years. That is especially true during the global health crisis of the past year. Many people are now more conscious to avoid busses and trains. So, some are using a scooter to navigate to and from work. Others are using a rental scooter for last-mile transportation …