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Sometimes we’ll uncover a true gem of a ride that delights the senses through research. The Varla Pegasus is one such vehicle you have to see. Not familiar with this electric scooter? That’s ok. It’s relatively new and definitely worth a look, especially if you’re looking to add more pep and power to your morning commute and beyond.

Throw what you think you know about e-scooter riding out the window. The Varla Pegasus is different in its design and capabilities. Here’s everything you need to know about this dynamic, all-wheel drive electric scooter you didn’t know you wanted to ride until now.

Meet the Varla Pegasus

People riding on scooters, potentially a Varla Pegasus, down a city sidewalk.
People riding scooters | Getty Images

Even if you’ve had experiences with scooters in the past, or other models like Lime or Bird, you haven’t experienced anything like the Varla Pegasus. This electric scooter is all-wheel drive, powered by a dual-electric motor capable of hitting upwards of 28 mph, as Clean Technica describes. Anyone with a sense of “ho-hum” about the power and feel of a traditional scooter, the Varla Pegasus is right up your alley.

Where other scooters, like the NIU KQi2 model, rely on pneumatic tires for a semi-smooth ride, the Varla uses a “swingarm” front and rear suspension and 8-inch solid fat tires, adding far more “steering geometry” to the ride quality. There is a 748 wH lithium-ion battery, super-bright LED lights in the front and back, an LCD instrument cluster, and dual-disc brakes. Enjoy 500 watts of sustained power with potential peak bursts of 800 watts. And everything about this electric scooter seems to find the sweet spot between mediocre scooter joy rides and full-blown motorcycle power.

Ready to try one yet?

Varla describes the Pegasus’ best and most unique attributes, including its 6.7-inch-wide deck providing enough room to stand with your feet comfortably positioned side by side. A thumb throttle makes it easy to scoot, and mileage on a charge capability of 28 miles. And if you have slopes and hills on your daily commute, the Varla Pegasus can climb at a 25-degree angle without flinching.

Based on first-look reviews so far, this electric scooter provides a “huge bang for your buck,” as Electric Scooter Guide shares. The suspension is impressive, it’s pretty fast, and with a price range of $1,099 to $1,299, it’s incredibly affordable. Are you ready to buy one for your daily commute yet?

Company history and vision

If you’re unfamiliar with the Varla brand, you should explore their site to see what motivates their designs. The company’s mission is to “empower Varla riders” by providing a truly unique riding experience. These scooters are off-pavement capable, making them great for city commuting and vacation-level exploration with serious all-terrain chops.

The company is expanding rapidly, claiming to have brand branches across North America, Europe, and Asia. Varla hired its first employee on November 23rd, 2019. By 2020, the company had officially sold its 100th scooter, based on the original model, the Varla Eagle One.


3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Scooter

The Varla Pegasus launched on April 16th last year, and the company hit its 5,000-sales mark last June. Sales indicate that Pegasus is becoming a fan favorite.

Varla says, “be young, have fun, go far, and grab life.” And that captures the thrilling experience you might have with a Pegasus model of your own. You can order online and receive a 70-lb box on your doorstep with your new Pegasus, practically assembled, only requiring you to bolt in the handlebars and plug it in to charge. After about four hours, you’ll be fully charged and ready to forge your own electric scooter adventures.