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Now that the CE 04 is heading to dealers, BMW is slowly expanding its electric two-wheeled offerings. But BMW Motorrad isn’t done putting out EVs quite yet. On the heels, or should that be wheels, of the CE 04’s debut comes another electric BMW bike. However, it’s not a motorcycle, and it’s not quite a scooter or a moped, either. What the BMW CE 02 Concept is, is an electric mini-bike.

The BMW CE 02 Concept is an electric mini-bike with a touch of “how do you do, fellow kids?” energy

The black-and-white BMW CE 02 Concept
BMW CE 02 Concept | BMW Motorrad

Technically, BMW calls the CE 02 an “electric vehicle concept” that’s “neither a motorcycle nor a scooter.” But size- and design-wise, it’s arguably an electric rival to mini-bikes like the Honda Grom and Monkey, Cycle World muses.

And speaking of design, BMW designed the CE 02 with youth mobility in mind. The company is targeting buyers aged 16 years and over who can’t afford a car but haven’t ridden a motorcycle yet. And it’s meant to be a step up from electric motorized scooters, although not quite a ‘full’ electric scooter. Think of the BMW CE 02, then, as being in the same general category as Honda’s new U-BE scooter.

However, the CE 02’s ‘youthful’ design influences go further than a general mission statement. The electric mini-bike’s disc wheels leave plenty of room for stickers and custom graphics, as do the battery pack’s sides. Its wide, flat, 28.7”-high seat has elastic straps to hold, say, a backpack, though there is additional onboard storage space, RideApart notes. Plus, underneath, where the front foot-pegs are, there’s a hook system that can hold, among other things, a skateboard. And speaking of foot-pegs, there are rear ones that either the rider or their passenger can use, Roadshow reports.

In addition, to my eye, the BMW CE 02 Concept has e-bike-like touches, similar to the Super73 S1. Both have upright, black handlebars, relatively wide tires, flat seats, and minimalist design approaches. The CE 02 doesn’t even have gauges or a large TFT screen, just a modest digital display showing range, speed, and what appears to be turn-by-turn directions. However, no e-bike has a single-sided swingarm like this electric mini-bike concept.

How fast is the BMW CE 02 electric mini-bike concept?

A side view of the black-and-white BMW CE 02 Concept's white seat, rear wheel, electric motor, and battery pack
BMW CE 02 Concept seat and powertrain | BMW Motorrad

Speaking of range, BMW has released some of the CE 02 Concept’s specs. Although the battery pack’s capacity isn’t known, BMW claims the electric mini-bike goes up to 56 miles on a charge. The hypothetical recharging time, though, also remains unknown.

We do know how fast this electric mini-bike goes, though. Because it’s designed with European license regulations in mind, the BMW CE 02 is limited to 15 hp. However, it only weighs 265 lbs. As a result, it tops out at 56 mph. The Honda Monkey might be 34 pounds lighter, but it only has 9 hp and often struggles to break 50 mph.

In short, the CE 02 has the makings of a nippy mini-bike, indeed.

Mini-bikes, electric or otherwise, are street-legal, provided they meet emissions and lighting requirements. And seeing as the BMW CE 02 Concept has built-in LED headlights and taillights, it’s presumably street-legal, too.

‘Presume’ is the keyword here, because as of this writing, BMW hasn’t confirmed if the CE 02 is going into production. However, Cycle World notes that, apart from a few elements like the taillight array, the mini-bike appears to be production-ready. And it’s worth remembering that the CE 04 scooter was once a concept, too, until positive reception led to a production model.

So, if this electric concept sparks enough interest among young urban riders, there could be a wave of CE 02s stunting soon.

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