Once Upon a Time in Florida This Man Actually Rode his Sea-Doo on the Highway

What better way to get to the gym than a Sea-Doo? A street legal Sea-Doo blended with a 1989 Honda Elite motor scooter, of course. Young Trey Yarbrough lives in Florida and saw no reason not to create the street-legal jet ski chariot of his dreams.

A couple of years ago, the Miami Herald reported this “Florida man made quite a splash Tuesday after he was spotted down a Jacksonville street on [this] personal watercraft modified to run like a motorbike.” Another driver on Jacksonville roads was lucky enough to catch Yarbrough and his legendary street legal Sea-Doo on film. While many across the country might have been surprised to see this news, there’s a good chance some folks in Florida weren’t surprised at all.

An old Sea-Doo on a 1989 Honda Elite motor scooter

At the time of this news break, Yarbrough was a 23-year-old welder and fabricator. So what better to do with his off-time than creating this masterpiece? By combining a 1988 Sea-Doo and a 1989 Honda Elite motor scooter, he was able to realize the dream of riding a Sea-Doo on the highway.

press photo of a blue Honda Elite motor scooter against a white backdrop
Honda Elite motor scooter | Motor Scooter Guide

According to the Miami Herald, the build took him “a few weeks.” He even took the time to add brake lights and turn signals. Yarbrough claims his creation his “100 percent legal.” While it’s certainly an unconventional way to get to the gym, there’s no arguing that it gets a little extra attention. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we aren’t sure.

Either way, you gotta hand it to Yarbrough for just going for it. He had an idea, and he used his skills to make it a reality. Now he happily drives his Sea-Doo wherever he pleases.

Always wear a helmet when you ride your Sea-Doo on the highway

While it’s common to see a Sea-Doo riding in the water carrying a rider without a helmet, Yarbrough isn’t stupid. He’s going to wear a helmet when he takes his Sea-Doo out on the highway. At least in the video he’s wearing a black helmet.

We have to say we were relieved to see that the young inventor was compelled to wear a helmet. The only thing that could make this Sea-Do on a Honda Elite motor scooter more shocking is the absence of a helmet. We’d be stunned to see this rider rolling down the highway without the protection of a helmet.

A jet ski 20 miles from the ocean

When the video above was taken, Yarbrough was reportedly about 20 miles from the ocean. But who needs the sea for a jet ski when you can ride it on the highway? Still the question remains. Why did he do it?

According to the Miami Herald, young Trey Yarbrough wrote in a FaceBook message that he “built it just for the fun of it just to be different and get smiles. A lot of people don’t like motorcycle riders so I give them a reason to smile at it.” Well, yes, Yarbrough.

We can imagine he gets some smiles and extra attention while cruising down the highway. After all, a Sea-Doo Honda Elite motor scooter isn’t exactly common. In fact, the interested public had many questions about this “scootski.” Yarbrough made some videos of his own, like the one below, to help out.