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Remember riding around town on a Razor scooter, accidentally hitting your own ankles all the time? These speedy metal ankle death traps were all the rage 20-something odd years ago. Fortunately, the market for them isn’t completely dead. Some people still like using them to perform tricks, competing regularly in competitions. Now, there’s an off-road model from, you guessed it, Jeep, that can take you anywhere. The Jeep Trail-Rated Razor electric scooter might be the most incredible version of the iconic ride we’ve ever seen.

Jeep Trail-Rated Razor scooter: Ready for off-roading

Razor Jeep RX200 electric scooter, ready to go off-road
Razor Jeep RX200 Electric Scooter | Jeep

Ready to go two-wheeling? Razor, the company behind the iconic scooter and many other products like hoverboards, skateboards, skates, and more, have teamed up with Jeep. As one of the most famous names in off-road driving, surely you knew that would mean the scooter is going off-road. That’s how the Jeep RX200 electric scooter came to life.

If you’re one of the people who owned a scooter like this as a kid, there’s good news. The Jeep RX200 is recommended for ages 18 and over, so you’re still the target demographic. Propelled by electricity, the adult scooter tops out at 12 mph. While that might not sound like much, the average man runs 8 mph and the average woman 6.5, according to The Cold Wire. Either way, you can use this scooter to zip around town quickly, and dirt roads won’t slow you down.

Jeep RX200: Off-road electric scooter

Razor Jeep RX200 electric scooter, ready to go off-road
Razor Jeep RX200 Electric Scooter | Jeep

The 24V RX200 uses a 200W motor that provides 40 minutes of continuous ride time per charge with an army green exterior color. If your primary objective is to have some off-road fun, that’s plenty of time for most. Additionally, the Trail-Rated scooter weighs 40 pounds and has a maximum rider weight of 154 pounds. Here is where the problem lies. Many adults far exceed the 154-pound mark, especially those well over 6-feet tall.

Next, the RX200 uses a twist-grip throttle and a hand-controlled rear disc brake. It uses 8-inch off-road tires, making it a superb off-road option if the Wrangler isn’t available. MotorTrend calls it “Trail-Rated for electric scooters,” meaning it’s good off-road but not exactly deserving of the Trail-Rated title. However, it’s better than other electric scooters in the off-road category.

How much does a Jeep Trail-Rated electric scooter cost?

Trail-Rated Razor Scooter | Jeep

Most importantly, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these immediately, so what’s the price? Razor’s Jeep RX200 electric scooter retails for $499.99. Surprisingly, that makes it Razor’s most affordable adult electric scooter on the market. You’d be surprised how much scooters cost, and the most expensive adult electric model will run you $699.99. With such a high price tag, this isn’t really for someone who wants to try it a few times then let it sit in the garage for ten years. If you’re going to spend big money on the Jeep Trail-Rated electric scooter, you better be ready to take it off-roading regularly.

Does Jeep partner with non-automotive brands often?

In the past, Jeep has used partnerships with non-automotive brands to create unique products and licensed merchandise. The obvious ones like cups and duffle bags are probably true for most automakers, but Jeep even dipped its toes into strollers, tents, and more.

If you’re a Jeep lover, but you already own the real thing, this might be a good alternative. Additionally, adults looking to have some fun off-roading without spending too much on a Wrangler or the Ford Bronco might get their fun out of a Razor scooter. We’d recommend always having a film crew on standby for no reason other than how cool you will look. Make sure to watch your ankles if you’re buying one; that’s the Jeep Trail-Rated electric Razor scooter, the best off-roader ever.


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