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Blurring the lines between motorcycles and scooters, the 2022 Honda Navi is one of the most accessible brand-new bikes we’ve seen in a while. Considering how approachable other Honda miniMOTO machines like the Grom are, that’s quite an accomplishment. It helps that the Navi borrows some of the Grom’s overall design and form factor. Project NaviScape from Steady Garage, though, shows off something else the Navi inherited from the Grom: customization potential.

The next Honda to get the Steady Garage custom touch is the 2022 Navi mini-bike/scooter

The rear 3/4 view of the blue-and-white Steady Garage 'City Slicker' custom 2019 Honda Super Cub C125 next to a garage
Steady Garage ‘City Slicker’ custom 2019 Honda Super Cub C125 rear 3/4 | Steady Garage

One of the 2022 Honda Grom’s modification-friendly features is its easily-swapped body panels. But shops have been modifying Groms well before now. And Irwindale, California-based Steady Garage has built up quite a reputation in that regard. The shop supplies everything from maintenance parts to engine and brake upgrades to full custom builds.

However, Steady Garage doesn’t just work on Groms. Its parts catalog covers a wide array of Honda motorcycles, including the Rebel, Gold Wing, CBR300R, and other miniMOTOs. Plus, it also customizes and supplies accessories for Honda scooters like the ADV150 and Ruckus.

To be clear, Steady Garage accepts motorcycles and scooters from brands outside of Honda. Yamahas, Kawasakis, and Suzukis are well-supported, too. The shop even has aftermarket parts for Ducati Scramblers and KTM RC 390s. But the California shop’s bread-and-butter work focuses on the Honda miniMOTO lineup.

It’s so recognized in that field that Honda previously commissioned several custom miniMOTOs from Steady Garage. And it reached out to the shop again to make something special for the 2022 Honda Navi release. That ‘something special’ is Project NaviScape.

Project NaviScape: Steady Garage makes a Honda Navi fit for Akira

The blue-black-and-yellow Steady Garage 'Project Naviscape' custom 2022 Honda Navi next to a garage
Steady Garage ‘Project NaviScape’ custom 2022 Honda Navi | Honda

It’s hard to look at Steady Garage’s custom Honda Navi without hearing a cyberpunk-style synth beat in the background. Officially, the build team drew inspiration from Syd Mead’s work on movies like Blade Runner and the original Tron, RideApart says. But Project NaviScape also wouldn’t look out of place amongst The Capsules’ bikes on Akira’s Neo-Tokyo streets.

So, what exactly went into Project NaviScape? Besides the new livery, yellow headlight visor, and LED lighting strips, Steady Garage added a wider rear wheel with a low-profile tire, Bike Exif reports. The shop also installed a custom Gears Racing rear shock, Vance & Hines dual-outlet exhaust, and belly pan. Instead of its stock handlebars, this 2022 Honda Navi has raised Biltwell clip-ons as well as a new, tapered rear. And while the seat looks stock, it’s actually a carbon-fiber look-alike with multiple individual pads.

Steady Garage didn’t touch the 2022 Honda Navi’s drivetrain, so it still has a 109cc carbureted single-cylinder engine and CVT transmission. But the body, suspension, and wheel modifications lower the mini-bike’s stance without affecting its “light and nimble” nature, RideApart says. However, thanks to those new clip-on bars, Project NaviScape has a more aggressive, racing-like riding position. Though to be fair, as a cyberpunk-esque machine, that vibe feels right.

Can you get your own cyberpunk-style custom Navi?

Since Honda commissioned Project NaviScape, the custom mini-bike isn’t for sale. However, Steady Garage is planning on selling some of the parts it developed, Bike Exif notes. So, you might be able to recreate this build at least partially with your own Honda Navi soon.

Just be careful if you try recreating that Akira bike slide, OK?

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