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1997 Toyota Century V12 sedan

Toyota Once Made a V12 Luxury Sedan, and It Wasn’t a Lexus

In the US, Lexus has always been the place for Toyota’s most high-end cars. That’s been the case ever since the LS400 made massive waves in the luxury segment. But the brand doesn’t just do reliable luxury. The Lexus LFA, although overshadowed by contemporary supercars, had one of the best naturally-aspirated engines put in a …
A Lexus GS F is displayed during the Geneva Motor Show

The Most Reliable Lexus Is not an SUV

Lexus has topped dependability lists year after year. As part of the Toyota Brand, Lexus has a responsibility to prove Toyota’s famed reliability in its luxury segment. Lexus is a car brand that people love for its performance and style, as well as the reliability typically expected from anything Toyota. But which is the most …
A red Toyota RAV4 on display at an auto show

Consumer Reports: The Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs Belong to Toyota

Fuel-sipping is where it’s at these days, which means fewer stops at the gas station. Many drivers think that going all-electric is the only way to be environmentally conscious but that’s not the case. Interestingly enough, Consumer Reports’ list of SUVs with the highest fuel economy ratings consists of both traditional gas-driven vehicles and hybrids. …
Lexus GX driving down road at dusk

These Are The Most Reliable Luxury SUVs of 2020

Luxury cars are sought after for their top of the line quality, technology, and comfort. All the amenities will definitely cost you, though. If you are going to spend the extra cash for the upgraded vehicle, you want to know that what you’re investing in is worth it. If you buy a luxury SUV, you’ll …

5 More SUVs under $5k

While in many ways a vehicle under $5k is exactly what you pay for, these 5 SUVs are ready for a little more action before they retire forever. If you hunt down a solid old SUV it can still give you a ton of weekend or recreational miles. It’s great to have an extra vehicle …

5 Used Hybrid Vehicles That You Should Avoid

The hybrid car segment is steadily growing every year thanks to automakers consistently finding ways to advance the technology. In the past decade, hybrid powertrains have seen a marked increase in fuel economy, but that wasn’t always the case. Some hybrid vehicles in the past weren’t as tech-savvy or efficient, which is why they aren’t …
Lexus LF-1 Limitless crossover concept | Lexus

Lexus Flagship 2022 LQ Will Benchmark The Crossover Segment

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless crossover concept that debuted at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show is being put into production. It will be the 2022 LQ. This will be the Lexus flagship-its ne-plus-ultra crossover. It will also benchmark the crossover segment. That is what Lexus does. Lexus leads segments in style, features, quality, and price. You …
A beige 1990 Lexus LS400 in a parking lot

The Original Lexus LS400 Was a Luxury Car Game-Changer

Today, Lexus’ vehicles, from passenger cars to 3-row off-road-capable SUVs, enjoy a strong reputation for reliability and comfort. The brand’s vehicles don’t offer features like perfume atomizers or the Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s starlight headliner, true. But then, Lexus started from Toyota, the automaker that created the understated, extremely-exclusive Century. Instead of over-the-top tech, Lexus focused on …
Lexus iS250 Car is displayed during the media day of the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

The 2007 Lexus IS 250 Has a Melting Dashboard Problem

It’s one thing for your car to be wicked, but when it actually starts melting, then you have a problem. There’s a lot to love about the 2007 Lexus IS 250, but a melting dashboard isn’t one of them. We know this isn’t a problem you hear about every day, and it turns out it …