A red Lexus NX on the track.

Skip the Infiniti QX50 and Get the Lexus NX Instead

For a small SUV with everyday opulence, you might be interested in the Infiniti QX50. Critics recognize the QX50 for its smoothness and pampering cabin. But even with these qualities, there are few reasons why you might want to get the Lexus NX  instead.  The 2021 Lexus NX is more refined than the 2021 Infiniti QX50 The QX50 leaves …

2018 Infiniti Q60
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Does Nissan Own Infiniti?

You might be familiar with the Infiniti brand name, after all, it’s been around for a long time and its cars are so dead-on reliable that they’ve been around forever, too. But what you might know is where the brand originated from. If Honda owns Acura and Toyota owns Lexus, then who owns Infiniti? Who …

A QX60 with special dark chrome exterior features.

The 2017 Infiniti QX60 Is An ‘Under the Radar’ Luxury SUV Says Consumer Reports

As a new model, the 2017 Infiniti QX60 impressed critics with its upscale features and focus on value. This Infiniti also pleased with its surprisingly quick acceleration. And because of its above-average reliability rating, the 2017 QX60 is an especially worthy car to buy used.  2017 Infiniti QX60 performance  For the most part, the 2017 QX60 did well in Consumer …

A white Infiniti QX80 on the track.

The 2021 Infiniti QX80 Is Attractive Yet Questionable

Infiniti makes some gorgeous looking vehicles. The biggest and grandest of them all would have to be the QX80. For 2021, the Infiniti QX80 returns with much-needed changes, and of course, they require a higher price tag. While the QX80 is attractive in many ways, you may find that the vehicle is still questionable.  2021 Infiniti QX80 performance  …

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Ridiculous Luxury SUV Depreciation Can Save You Thousands

Buying a new car is so exciting. The new car smell, making the deal––the whole bit is like an American rite of passage. But buying a new car is almost never an investment due to depreciation. Some cars depreciate more quickly than others. Certain brands––like Toyota––are known for producing vehicles that hold their value. Not …

Infiniti Q50 luxury sedan on display at Brussels Expo
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The 2021 Infiniti Q50 Is Finally Fixing Its Biggest Downside

A good compact luxury sedan should be comfortable, reliable, and be packed with plenty of technology to justify its price. The Infiniti Q50 accomplishes this for the most part, but it’s still lacking in some critical areas. As MotorTrend points out, the 2020 model’s biggest disappointment was its shortage of standard safety features. Even if …

2021 Infiniti QX80 outside of an office building

2020 Infiniti QX80 Takes on the Rebelle Rally With Alice Chase Onboard

The Rebelle Rally begins tomorrow. A 2020 Infiniti QX80 will be amongst the entry field with Team Wander Women aboard when it starts. If the rally’s history holds true, this year will again be long and dangerous for all the teams as they undertake a crossing from Nevada to California. It is a trip that will cover …

2021 Infiniti QX80 outside of an office building
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The 2021 Infiniti QX80’s Upgrades Aren’t Coming Cheap

The good news for those considering the Infiniti QX80 is that their choice of a luxury SUV is getting much-needed changes to the 2021 model. Car critics identified some standard safety features absent on the 2020 QX80, which kept it from topping the list of 3-row luxury SUVs. It appears that Infiniti listened to the critics’ input and made the recommended …

Infiniti QX50 up close
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The 2021 QX50 Just Added a Peaceful New Feature

The best way to keep a car fresh and exciting is to keep adding new updates, no matter how small. Plenty of Infiniti models are getting unique upgrades for 2021, like enhanced safety features for the QX80 and Q60. The Infiniti QX50 SUV already got those for 2020, but the 2021 model has its own unique additions. One aspect …

A white Infiniti QX80 on the track.
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The 2021 Infiniti QX80 Finally Is Adding a Needed Standard Feature

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, the chances are good that one area you’re most interested in for your future car, truck, or SUV is its safety. Safety is more important to consumers than ever, and new safety features are continually upgrading and being implemented as standard in more and more new models every …

A red 2019 Infiniti QX60 Limited driving around the city.

A Used Infiniti QX60 Is a Great Family-Friendly SUV If You Overlook 1 Problem

While other midsize luxury SUVs often overshadow it, the Infiniti QX60 presents a variety of appealing qualities and is a solid option to buy used. The Infiniti QX60 is a polished ride that can accommodate a large family. It’s also one of the more fuel-efficient options in the luxury SUV class. However, the QX60’s main drawback might be too …

2021 BMW X3 | BMW-
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5 More Luxury SUVs That Will Leave you In Awe

More luxury SUV options? Yes, please! When it comes to having a comfortable, reliable daily driver for getting to work or driving around with our family, we don’t have to make sacrifices. These manufacturers have put their best foot (tire?) forward to create SUVs that have it all. Having a ‘mom car’ doesn’t have the …

An Infiniti Q50 on display at an auto show
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The 2017 Infiniti Q50 is Enjoyable and Unreliable

The Infiniti Q50 is one of the most attractive vehicles under the Nissan umbrella. This luxury car is known for its delightful handling and roomy interior. The Q50’s relatively low base price makes it an even more appealing option to buy used or new. If you are interested in buying used, the 2017 Q50 is a terrific deal. But …

The 2019 QX80 LIMITED exterior features include specially designed dark machine-finished 22-inch forged aluminum-alloy wheels; satin chrome exterior trim, roof rails and crossbars; and unique front and rear bumper lower treatment. The QX80 is available in five exterior colors, including a new LIMITED-exclusive Anthracite Gray.

How Reliable Is the Infiniti QX80?

The 2020 Infiniti QX80 is a fine-looking luxury SUV that’s more capable than you would probably think. This Infiniti model may not be at the top of its class, but it’s still a solid option to buy, depending on your priorities that is. You might be wondering though, how reliable is the QX80 in general? …

The shining chrome Acura badge sits in the middle of the grille of a silver car.
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Throwback Thursday: Sterling Motor Cars

In the late 1980s, the British company, Rover Group, wanted to come back into the United States automotive market. To get a foothold, they worked out a collaboration with Acura and formed Sterling Motor Cars. That collaboration would yield a British luxury car built on an Acura Legend platform to be sold in the United States. But, as with …

The Q60 brings INFINITI’s powerful design language into the sports coupe segment with remarkable success, with its daring curves, deep creases, and flowing lines intensifying its low, wide, powerful stance. The look is progressive and modern, yet dynamic and moving.
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The 2020 Infiniti Q60 is Gorgeous and Weak

The luxury car brand Infiniti is all over the place right now. Unfortunately, Infiniti has fallen off over the last few years, mostly because this carmaker has struggled to compete with both legacy brands and newcomers in the luxury realm. Take Infiniti’s 2020 Q60 coupe for example. It’s a gorgeous model and arguably the most …

Miley Cyrus stepping out of her Maserati Quattroporte
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Miley Cyrus Likes Luxury Sport and SUV Versatility

Since Miley Cyrus bought herself a $75,000 Mercedes-Benz convertible for her sweet sixteen, her love for nice cars has only grown. Her celebrity status and hard work as a musician paid off and she keeps a luscious car collection at her disposal. And one thing is certain: Miley has a taste for luxury sports cars …

2019 Infiniti QX60 Limited

Best Road Trip Cars: Infiniti QX60

The Infiniti QX60 is basically the luxury version of the classic Nissan Pathfinder.  With that being said, if you’re looking for luxury SUV that’s particularly family-friendly, the QX60 is definitely worth considering. In fact, the QX60 is so accommodating that Consumer Reports has named it the best luxury three-row SUV for road tripping in 2020. …

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Skip the Infiniti Q50 and Get the Nissan Maxima Instead

Nissan and Infiniti are both in the middle of their own identity crises, but for now, they are two distinct brands.  With Nissan, you get generally reliable and affordable cars while Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury vehicle subsidiary. As you’re shopping between these two car brands, you may notice that the 2020 Nissan Maxima and the …

A Nissan Motor Co. Infiniti QX50 sports utility vehicle (SUV) is on display during the Auto China 2018 at China International Exhibition Center
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New Plan: Infiniti To Nissan Like Mercury To Ford

While Nissan’s plan to sell luxury cars on 17-year-old platforms hasn’t worked, now it has a new plan. Infiniti will become a “Nissan-plus” brand like Mercury was to Ford. Or like Plymouth was to Chrysler. Or Like Clipper To Packard. We could go on but you get the comparison. Infiniti could have been a lot more. …

Infiniti QX80 is seen during Dubai Motor Show at Dubai World Trade Centre
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You Can Do A Lot Better Than an Infiniti for a Big Luxury SUV

Families have a lot of options when it comes to luxury SUVs. The Infiniti QX80 may attract shoppers with its powerful engine, a long list of technology features, and ample seating capacity. However, some sources say that your money is better spent elsewhere. According to U.S. News, the 2020 Infiniti QX80 ranks near the bottom …


Secretly Cool First Cars Your Parents Will Approve Of

When looking for a cool first car that still comes in under the radar of parent approval, there are a few cars that everyone will love. When deciding what to include on this list, the major requirements were reliability, cost, and fun. These cars look will good pulling up to school and also keep your parents …

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Bring the Drive Inside With Infiniti Carigami

Many of us have lost track of how many days, weeks, its been since things have been “normal.” We can likely all agree that we miss the drives we used to take to see friends, road trips, and other outings. Automakers asking us to stay safely at home are putting their design talent toward helping …

The 2019 QX80 LIMITED exterior features include specially designed dark machine-finished 22-inch forged aluminum-alloy wheels; satin chrome exterior trim, roof rails and crossbars; and unique front and rear bumper lower treatment. The QX80 is available in five exterior colors, including a new LIMITED-exclusive Anthracite Gray.
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The 2020 Infiniti QX80 Is More Capable Than You Think

The Infiniti QX80 is well known as a luxury family SUV. It has a reputation for being capable of off-roading. Just how much adventure can it handle? Can this luxury family vehicle take you from the driveway to dirt roads? After looking into it, you may be surprised.   The 2020 Infiniti QX80 Is More Capable …

Luxury navigation system
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5 of the Worst Infotainment Systems in New Cars Today

Whether they use a touchscreen, touchpad, a cursor, or a knob, infotainment systems won’t ever be perfect. While new models are being released and current models are being refreshed, it seems that trying to figure out what works best for everyone when it comes to designing the infotainment system is futile. Some infotainment systems are …

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Infiniti Will Be Dead By 2030: Here’s Why

What’s bad for Nissan is worse for Infiniti. And things are really bad for Nissan right now. Of course, Infiniti is the upscale/luxury division of Nissan. Sometimes it just seems like Nissan doesn’t know what to do with Infiniti. But that’s not what this is about. By the time Nissan gets it together, it will …

A Infiniti Q50 is seen during the 83rd Geneva Motor Show on March 6, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland
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Never Buy The 2014 Infiniti Q50 Model

The Infiniti Q50 is a sleek, compact sedan that offers athletic design and luxurious features. In 2020, the Infiniti luxury four-door looks like a good overall choice for drivers looking for a vehicle that pampers while still delivering thrilling performance. However, 2014 was not a year for the automotive record books in the Infiniti world. …

Infiniti QX80 is seen during Dubai Motor Show at Dubai World Trade Centre on November 15, 2017
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Why You Should Avoid the 2020 Infiniti QX80

If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV, you may have seen the new Infiniti QX80. It’s ideal for families with a lot of passengers thanks to its three spacious rows and large cargo area. The QX80 is so popular that it’s frequently a target for vehicle theft. The Infiniti QX80 currently retails for …

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10 Most Stolen New Vehicles In America

At the Biscuit, we like to keep you informed of the perils of owning certain vehicles in the sights of thieves. Some of the vehicles on this list will surprise you, while some not so much. We’ll also show you recent “Most Stolen” posts to see what has changed if anything over time.  Compiled by …

Genesis GV80 front camera demo
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The Genesis GV80 Should Terrify Infiniti

Up until now, we’ve only been able to compare the new Genesis GV80 from a features and design perspective. The mid-size luxury SUV just launched in South Korea, and won’t be coming to North America until later in the year. And it’s just the first in an expanded lineup that Genesis is bringing here. But …

2020 Toyota Sequoia on-road
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Which 3rd Row SUVs Are the Most Reliable?

While reliability (strangely) doesn’t appear in the top list of brand loyalty factors, it’s undeniably important to consumers. SUV owners wouldn’t hold onto their vehicles for so long if they couldn’t stand up to daily abuse. 3rd row SUVs especially need to be reliable, as they’re often used to transport families, although minivans are arguably …