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While some luxury cars can be affordable, it’s no secret that some of the best-equipped models have notoriously steep asking prices. Fortunately, the majority of luxury sedans also have above-average reliability ratings. This means that you can buy an older model at a discounted price, and it will last for several more years afterward.

Since most shoppers currently prefer SUVs, luxury sedans typically have the lowest prices on the secondhand market. Which brands offer the cheapest used luxury sedans?

1. The BMW 5 Series is a premium luxury sedan

The BMW 5 Series is one of the best used cars you can buy as a luxury sedan
The 2020 BMW 5 Series | BMW

You could get a BMW 5 Series sedan for over $24,000 off its standard MSRP if you buy a used model (per iSeeCars). This midsize sedan has several powertrain options available, though you won’t save as much money buying a model with more horsepower. Depending on the model, the M5 trims have a twin-turbo V8 that generates between 523-617 hp. 

The BMW 530i has a standard 248-hp turbo-four, while the 540i offers a turbo-inline-six with 335 hp on tap. The four-cylinder can also be paired with an electric motor, generating 288 hp combined. Even with all-wheel drive, the plug-in hybrid 530e gets 26 mpg combined city/highway. However, the front-wheel-drive version has the highest all-electric driving range (21 miles).

A used BMW 3 Series sedan is typically almost 30% cheaper than a new one. The PHEV versions have slightly higher electric driving ranges than those of the 5 Series. However, the performance models aren’t as overwhelming in terms of power. They all have a turbo-inline-six engine that makes up to 503 hp under the hood of the M3 Competition.

Every BMW 3 Series sedan is fun to drive regardless of its engine. In addition to being one of the most reliable used luxury cars, it offers impressive value with all of its standard features. Each one has navigation, smartphone integration, a touchscreen measuring nearly 15 inches, and several advanced safety features.

2. Used Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models are solid options

A used Infiniti Q50 is almost 35% cheaper than the 2023 model. Infiniti models are usually less popular than their peers, mainly because of outdated interiors and frustrating infotainment systems. However, the idea of a luxury car for potentially under $30,000 is hard for most shoppers to dismiss. 

Despite being a compact sedan, the Infiniti Q50’s second row still has a decent amount of legroom. Each Q50 also comes with a standard 300-hp twin-turbo V6. However, some reviews mention that the Infiniti Q50 isn’t the best daily driver because of its rigid suspension.

Used Infiniti Q60s are slightly more expensive than Q50s, but you could still save up to $17,000. However, you’ll also lose some much-desired rear legroom and trunk space. The Q60 can also only seat 4 riders, whereas the Q50 has one extra seat.

Still, every Infiniti Q60 has the same available engines as the Q50. Some shoppers might also appreciate the Q60’s coupe body style, making the vehicle slightly more aerodynamic than the Q50 sedan. However, you likely won’t get the same thrilling driving experience as you might from the Q60’s rivals.

3. Mercedes-Benz has one of the best used luxury sedans

iSeeCars tells us that a gently-used Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is $13,562 less expensive than one straight from the factory. As a small car, it doesn’t have the smoothest suspension performance or the most accommodating rear seat. However, every trim has a turbo-four engine and the same fun handling you would expect from a bigger Benz.

The CLA 250 also gets great fuel economy for a non-hybrid car, up to 29 mpg combined. Additionally, this sedan has a nice interior and the critically-acclaimed MBUX infotainment system. Even the fully-loaded CLA with the AMG engines are very attainable, especially if they’re from previous model years.


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