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For those lucky enough to afford a luxury car, making the right decision about which one to purchase can be daunting. Some models can fetch a high price based solely on the name alone. 

However, the savvy consumer knows there is more to a luxury vehicle than the high price tag. That expense doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with quality or performance. In this article, we’ll look at one luxury SUV that Edmunds suggests might not be the best value for the money.

The 2023 Infiniti QX55 got the lowest overall score of any luxury SUV

The Edmunds list of the best small luxury SUVs of 2023 includes some genuinely great vehicles, such as the Genesis GV70 at the number one spot and the Mercedes Benz GLC-Class at the number two spot. Some honorable mentions include the BMW X3 and the Acura RDX.  

However, the 2023 Infiniti QX55 received the lowest overall score of any luxury SUV. With a beginning MSRP of $50,345, consumers may want to look elsewhere to make their luxury SUV dreams come true. The car received a below-average score from Edmunds.

The QX55 was part of the first generation introduced in 2022 and is based on the QX50 introduced in 2019. The 2.0L VC-Turbo 4-cylinder engine produces 268 hp. This powerplant is shared by the Infiniti QX50 and the QX55. The QX55 only comes with all-wheel drive, but the QX50 offers both front- and all-wheel drive options.

The basic consensus among the experts at Edmunds was that the overall styling is impressive, but you can get the same, if not better, from competitors. Additionally, some areas seem like an easy fix that would significantly improve the vehicle’s overall value. 

Some areas where the QX55 fell short 

A dark-gray 2023 Infiniti QX55 luxury compact SUV model driving past a gate of bollards
2023 Infiniti QX55 | Infiniti

The Infiniti QX55 fell short in a few crucial areas. Edmunds reports, “The driving experience is a letdown, as is real-world fuel economy. Overall, we think there are better choices for a coupe-style crossover SUV.” 

However, the luxury SUV’s worst score was in the technology category. Edmunds reports it had issues inputting addresses for navigation and that the graphics were unimpressive, and that the maps and icons felt behind the times. 

Another factor that brought the score down was the fuel economy. The QX55 model’s EPA estimate is 25 mpg combined, which is subpar compared to its competitors. Additionally, testers observed only an average of 23.7 mpg on a 115-mile test route. Other comparable vehicles routinely outperform their estimates on this route.

Possible improvements for the Infiniti QX55

One of the complaints from Edmunds was that the infotainment graphics were stale for a luxury vehicle. Also, the camera has a disappointingly low resolution. This could easily be fixed by updating the infotainment with more modern graphics and a better-quality camera for crisp images. 

Another complaint that Edmunds had was that some of the interior parts seemed substandard. There are also issues with the steering. The optional adaptive steering system was installed in the Infiniti QX55 Essential test car tested by Edmunds. Theoretically, it offers improved steering feel and acceleration for various driving circumstances. However, during Edmunds’ testing, it felt disjointed and called for frequent, minor adjustments to keep the car straight on the highway. Perhaps an update for this feature is in order.

Overall, the QX55 looks sleek and stylish on the exterior. A spacious interior makes it even more appealing to those with families. However, there is room for improvement. With all the options on the market, the QX55 might be worth passing over until these issues are addressed.

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