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The Infiniti Q50 has been a staple of the luxury sedan market for several years. However, as automotive technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the 2023 Infiniti Q50 may need a redesign to stay competitive. In this article, we will delve into why the 2023 Infiniti Q50 deserves a redesign.

The exterior of the Q50 is largely unchanged

A red 2023 Infiniti Q50S parked on the road
2023 Infiniti Q50S | Infiniti

To begin with, Infiniti must update the exterior design of the 2023 Q50. The exterior design has remained essentially unchanged since its debut in 2014. While impressive, the Q50’s sleek and sporty design feels outdate. Especially compared to its competitors like the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series.

To remain relevant in the luxury sedan market, the Q50 needs a fresh, modern look that stands out. Taking cues from Infiniti’s QX55 SUV coupe could be an effective strategy for a redesigned Q50 exterior.

Infiniti Q50 interior is falling behind

A red 2023 Infiniti Q50S interior from the view of the driver
2023 Infiniti Q50S | Infiniti

The 2023 Infiniti Q50 would benefit from a technology overhaul as the current infotainment system feels old. Unfortunately, it fails to match the modern amenities found in competitors’ models. Updating the technology offerings is essential for Infiniti to stay competitive in the luxury sedan market.

In response, Infiniti has taken some steps to address this issue, including adding wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a larger infotainment screen in their 2022 model year vehicles. However, this update alone may not be sufficient, and Infiniti will need to continue improving and updating its technology offerings to keep pace with the competition.

2023 Infiniti Q50 performance leaves much to be desired

A red 2023 Infiniti Q50S rear end parked next to a building
2023 Infiniti Q50S | Infiniti

Thirdly, the 2023 Infiniti Q50’s performance could use a boost. While the current Q50’s powertrain options are decent, they don’t match competitors’ offerings like the Audi S4 and BMW M340i. Infiniti could address this by offering more powerful engine options and a hybrid or electric powertrain. In addition, a performance-oriented Q50 with more than the top trim 400 horsepower currently available would attract more customers.

Finally, the 2023 Infiniti Q50 could benefit from improved safety features. The current Q50 has several standard safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring. Meanwhile, competitors have raised the bar with advanced features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. Infiniti could incorporate these features into the Q50 and add new safety technologies such as night vision cameras.

Does the Infiniti Q50 need a redesign?

In conclusion, while the current Infiniti Q50 is a capable luxury sedan, it needs a redesign to stay competitive in its class. With a refreshed exterior design, updated technology, improved performance, and advanced safety features, the 2023 Infiniti Q50 could stand out in the luxury sedan market. However, we’ll have to wait and see what Infiniti has in store for their popular sedan.


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