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While in many ways a vehicle under $5k is exactly what you pay for, these 5 SUVs are ready for a little more action before they retire forever. If you hunt down a solid old SUV it can still give you a ton of weekend or recreational miles.

It’s great to have an extra vehicle for hauling loads from the home improvement store or for lake days with your dogs. A reliable old beater that you aren’t afraid to get dirty is a nice addition to your car collection.

If you aren’t the mechanic type, we recommend getting assistance from someone you trust that can help you find a good one. If you are, maybe buying one as a DIY project is your speed. Either way, one of these 5 SUVs under $5k could be perfect for you.

This GMC Jimmy is a capable SUV perfect for patrolling the ranch

Second gen Honda C-RV

This is a reliable Honda classic. Many of these sport the realtime AWD and are still going strong with over 100,-150,000 miles on them. Here’s one for under 3 grand with fewer than 200,000 miles on it.

These Hondas are nostalgic and hold true to the brand’s solid reputation. The Honda C-RV is the perfect small SUV that can go the distance and hit the trail for a day of fun.

First gen Lexus RX300

The Lexus RX300 was popular in its first generation and its proceeding model versions and generations remain so. This is another reliable SUV under $5k with less that 200,000 miles that is not ready for its final trip to the junk yard.

This SUV boasts a little luxury compared to others on this list. Additionally, it’s still rugged and able to get the job done. Though it is another one on the small side it’s still relatively larger than the Honda CR-V.

First and second gen Geo Tracker

This is a novelty “mini-SUV” which still plays to a particularly niche crowd. Its fun and adventurous look set the carefree tone for a weekend out camping or a day rolling about on some trails.

Watch to see the Tracker in action.

These were produced by GM and also known as the Chevrolet Tracker. They are still found today for under $5k with around 150,000 miles. Once you see one of these you might be ready to join the Geo Tracker club immediately. These little beasts are small but mighty –– and way too much fun. You’ll never want to drive to the beach in anything else.

Second gen GMC Jimmy

The same capable SUV as the Chevy Trailblazer, the GMC Jimmy was a fun and versatile vehicle with mega potential for a little romp off-road. They can be found with under 100,000 miles for around $4k.

This is a great weekender for camping, hunting, etc. Along with the next SUV on this list it is one of the larger SUVs for under $5k.

Second gen Jeep Cherokee

The second generation Jeep Cherokee, also know as the XJ, was a sturdy gem of an SUV. They are still seen like this rare two-door with under 200,000 miles for under 3.5 grand. Dating back to the 70s, this SUV had already undergone significant evolutionary growth by its second generation.

This is one that is still seen in abundance all over American roads. Many left today boast the 4×4 drivetrain and are ready to off-road. A little weekend mud could be in the future for one of these older Jeep Cherokees.

A little extra

These SUVs under $5k are a group of fun and capable cars that are ready for some fun and a little action. An extra vehicle like this in your lineup adds so much possibility. A new Honda Civic and one of these –– what more could you need?