2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Updates Should Worry Competitors

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is coming in hot with some pretty exciting updates. We’ve only seen rumors and leaked spy photos so far, but that’s enough to get our motors running. Check out what information we’ve been able to gather so far. 

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Updates 

Based on the information that has been leaked, we can tell that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is about to change the game in 2021 by having a sleek redesign to maintain interest. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Even though this model has been around since 2011, it doesn’t feel dated. Buyers are still interested in the Grand Jeep Cherokee, and in fact, sales increased by 8% last year. 

Because this Jeep model is still popular, it doesn’t need to be redesigned entirely yet. Therefore, we can speculate that the 2021 will maintain the same V6 Pentastar and V6 Hemi engines under the hood. 

However, a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine and hybrid version will likely join the lineup after the release of the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We can expect these options because Jeep has announced that each of their models will have a hybrid option by 2022. 

The Jeep wranglers turbocharged 2.0 hybrid inline-four motor might be found in the Grand Cherokee’s base model. If the Pentastar eTorque hybrid is the next engine option, then the Grand Cherokee could possibly only have hybrid options. 

The engine will have an automatic eight-speed transmission with a knob that’s used to change gears instead of a shifter. This will become the standard for all new Jeep models

Expect More Space 

Even though the Jeep Grand Cherokee looks quite large, reports claim that it will remain a five-passenger vehicle without a third row of seats. 

The Grand Jeep Cherokee will be longer. This is because it’s based on the Giorgio platform used for the Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio and Guilia. 

Using this Italian frame helped Jeep engineers figure out how to craft more space for the interior by extending the space between the wheelbase. 

However, a new mystery Jeep model has been spotted that seems to be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. We speculate that this mystery Jeep will offer a third row of seats to better compete with other larger, family-oriented SUVs. 

Also, this new mystery Jeep is separate from the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer. We know this because the mystery Jeep isn’t built on the Ram 1500 truck frame like the forthcoming Jeep Wagoneer will be. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Luxury 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the pinnacle of luxury among Jeep models, so we do expect some upgrades tech. 

The base model will likely come with a 10” infotainment center, but perhaps higher trim options will allow you to upgrade to a 12” screen. 

We will have to wait for more updates to get a peek at the interior, but we can expect large, padded leather seats. We are also excited to see how the Jeep Grand Cherokee will utilize the extra interior space it’s gaining.