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The 2020 Honda CR-V remains in the top tier of choices among the compact crossover SUV-buying public in part because of the manufacturer’s consistently high marks in safety. It also provides a full complement of technology must-haves.

What infotainment does the CR-V offer?

While the Honda CR-V does take a hit in the infotainment department because its design elements are less user friendly than other systems, it nevertheless comes equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The chief complaint with the HondaLink system is its standard five-inch screen can be challenging to navigate. While it does have a volume knob, it lacks separate tuning controls for the on-screen settings. Additionally, the touchscreen is a bit slow in responding to input.

On the plus side, there are steering wheel functions that add to the system’s convenience factor. It’s also equipped with a USB port, Bluetooth, and a four-speaker stereo system.

Operating the 2020 Honda CR-V’s Android Auto

Since the system is integrated with the driver’s handset, you have the option to use the connection to assist with navigation, allow you to listen to an e-book or your pre-set musical queue, or catch up with others. It’s as easy as connecting your phone with the USB cable.

No more safety concerns when you access your texts, phone, music, or navigation system. You can keep your hands on the wheel and simply tell the infotainment system what you want it to do. The voice activation system ensures you keep your eyes on the road.

One feature you’re sure to appreciate is Google Maps. With voice-guided navigation, there’s no fumbling around trying to manage directions and look for key points of interest. You tell it where your start and endpoints are, and it directs you every step of the way, including live traffic information and lane guidance.

Honda CR-V safety technology

The 2020 Honda CR-V continues to score well in the safety department with an NHTSA overall five-star score rating. The Honda Sensing safety suite is standard on all trim packages and offers driver-assisted technology that alerts you when the unexpected occurs.

The Collision Mitigation Braking System applies brake pressure when a pedestrian or vehicle is detected. While a collision may be unavoidable, the braking system can help lessen the force of the impact and damage.

The Lane Keeping Assist System helps you stay centered in your lane. It detects lane lines with the use of a camera, and after activating a warning, it adjusts your steering to maintain center.

The Road Departure Mitigation System also activates a warning before adjusting the vehicle’s steering and braking if it senses crossing lane lines without using a turn signal.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow detects a vehicle ahead and adjusts your speed to maintain a set following interval.

Honda’s Blind Spot Information System detects vehicles in adjacent lanes. It activates a light in the exterior side mirror that flashes if you turn your turn signal on while the vehicle is still there.

The Cross Traffic Monitor detects rear crossing traffic and alerts the driver when backing out of a spot. It also displays on-screen graphics to let you know when it’s clear.

The CR-V’s interior technology features


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The Driver Information Interface includes a driver attention monitor that alerts you if it senses inattentive driving. It also allows the driver to view turn-by-turn directions.

The driver’s seat offers 12-way adjustability with a four-way power lumbar adjustment. Each of the passenger seats offers four-way power adjustment.

The electric parking brake just takes a touch to deactivate when you’re ready to hit the road and depress the brake pedal.

Honda’s also made it easy for you and your passengers to find your perfect comfort level with the dual-zone automatic climate control. It’s highlighted with heated front seats and steering wheel.