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There’s nothing sadder than falling in love with a particular type of vehicle only to have the manufacturer decide to discontinue it. That’s exactly what happened to fans of Chevy’s S10. The small, economical truck used to be seen all over the place before Chevy decided to replace it with the Chevy Colorado.

What was the Chevy S10?

The Chevy S10 was Chevrolet’s answer to the small Japanese made trucks that were making inroads in the United States back in the early ’80s. Chevy realized that there was a market for the smaller sized truck and they realized that they wanted to capture a corner of it.

It didn’t take long for Americans, who at that point in history reluctant to purchase a foreign-made vehicle, to fall in love with the small truck. 

The trucks was especially popular for business people who needed a vehicle, but who didn’t need a full size pickup. It wasn’t unusual to see landscapers, construction company owners, and businesses that dealt with small-sized deliveries driving Chevy S10s.

The truck was more fuel-efficient than the Silverado, yet provided the driver with the benefit of a truck bed which was handy for hauling firewood, pet supplies, small loads of hay, and other paraphernalia.

When did Chevy stop making the S10?

Chevy S10s first appeared at auto dealerships across the country in 1982. These trucks quickly gained a reputation for being both affordable and dependable, a reputation that led to high sales.

During that first year, the only S10s available had two-wheel drive and a small V6 or in many cases a four-cylinder engine. This gave Chevy a chance to test the waters. When it became apparent that people loved the S10, Chevy got braver and created a trim option that includes an extended cab and four-wheel drive. 

The first generation of Chevy s-10 pickup trucks ran from 1982-1993 when Chevy decided it was time to create a second generation. The second generation was just as nice, but there were some more bells and whistles in the vehicle, which made drivers, who were just starting to expect a bit more from their pick-ups quite happy.

The fun ended in 2004 when Chevy officially discontinued the S-10. It was replaced with the Chevy Colorado.

Differences between the Chevy S10 and the Chevy Colorado

Fans of the Chevy S10 were skeptical about the Colorado when it premiered, but they reluctantly grew to like the vehicle. It was a little bit bigger than the S-10 which served to make it a little more versatile.

While there were still some who swore they’d never replace their S10s as long as the little truck was running, the Colorado gradually gained traction and was even named Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year for 2015.

Is the S10 coming back?

Every few years there is a rumor that Chevy is talking about restoring the S10. So far it has not been a case of where there is smoke there is fire. It’s nearly impossible to determine where and how these rumors get started, but so far there’s been no official statement from Chevy announcing a return of the S10.

That being said, given the sudden interest in bringing back many discontinued models, including the Chevy Blazer, it would not be entirely surprising if Chevy didn’t suddenly announce plans to start making S10s again. The small pickup would fit quite nicely into the retro look that many car enthusiasts are currently going for. If Chevy brought the S10 back, it would be interesting to see if they decided to make it a fully electric or hybrid truck.


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