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When it comes to truck comparisons, there’s no shortage of reviews, opinions, and manufacturer promotional efforts. One of the most common comparisons builds on the rivalry between Ford and Chevy trucks. The enthusiasts of each brand are deeply loyal to their rides, and it seems they enjoy facing off with each any chance they get.

We recently discovered a study that features a complete roster of longest-lasting vehicles overall. So, which truck lasts longer? We explored a little further to find out.

A closeup of a Chevy truck for sale at a dealership
Chevy Trucks | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ford trucks versus Chevy trucks

Ford and Chevy fans love to argue. The meme wars are downright hilarious, regardless of which brand you choose to align your loyalty. Owners of each will defend their beloved trucks’ abilities and performance to the end.

So, while we look at yet another comparison study between these trucks, and others, we need to recognize the rivalry. Regardless of which truck comes out victorious on this list, it may only provide bragging rights in the moment, not long-term. At the end of the day, most people agree both brands make solid trucks.

What the study measures

An independent research firm analyzed over 13 million cars, including SUVs and trucks. The study benchmarks those makes and models with a frequency of reaching the 200,000-mile mark.

It turns out SUVs dominate the roster, with Ford Expedition coming in first. All the vehicles of the 14 that are reported to have at least 2%, with over 200,000 miles on the odometer.

The study additionally points out that while almost all vehicles have the potential to run for 200k miles, care and maintenance can play a significant role. Also mentioned, the average driver spends 14,407 miles annually of windshield time. The top placeholders on this list, are adding significantly more miles to their vehicles than the average driver.

Which truck lasts longer?

This study took it a step further into reviewing those vehicles with the ability to make it to 200,000 miles. Considering both models are frequently used for work trucks, owners tend to preserve the performance and condition of their vehicles, often leading to increased longevity.

Based on these numbers, however, Chevy trucks last just a tad longer than its Ford counterparts on the 200,000-mile list. The Chevy Silverado 1500 has reported 2.2% above the mark. Ford’s F-150 just behind with 2.1% of models reaching above 200k. That is the narrowest of margins.

Which truck is in the one million-mile club?

Some vehicles are built so well; they earn their place among the ranks on the million-mile club. When that odometer rolls over, it’s a milestone for any vehicle.

When it comes to the Ford versus Chevy comparison, both have models in the million-mile club. A 2006 Ford F-250 blew past the million-mile mark in around four years. With a fresh engine at the 400,000-mile mark, it’s reported this truck is still running and could be fast approaching the two million milestone. A Silverado 3500 HD graces the list, as well. Originally used after Hurricane Katrina, the owners ran their truck over one million miles in roughly six years.

Both trucks are part of this elite club. It just goes to show that when maintained properly, these trucks can last forever.

What contributes to the longevity of the truck?

While truck owners in both Chevy and Ford camps can make arguments that the best trucks are the best because they’re simply built better, there may be more to it.

As owners, how you drive, work, and maintain your truck can have a significant impact on just how long your truck lasts. Keeping up with maintenance, tune-ups, and conditioning can mean the difference between getting 100,000 miles and 200,000 miles out of your ride. This is especially important when you’re working your truck for business or livelihood.

For the Ford fans, it looks like Silverado won out in this study, but not by much. Both Ford trucks and Chevy trucks are lasting longer and well beyond the 100,000-mile marker. Silverado fans can enjoy this win for now. What we’ve learned here is that both trucks have the potential to drive for miles beyond the average truck. Proper maintenance and care can help truck owners on both sides go the distance.