A bright blue Lexus ES 350 in drive mode.

The 2019 Lexus ES Is the Used Luxury Car You Shouldn’t Ignore

The 2019 Lexus ES is a luxury car that makes a lot of sense. When it was new, critics raved about the ES for its creamy-smooth ride quality and relatively lower ownership costs. These qualities make it an excellent used car too. Could this luxury car be the one for you? 2019 Lexus ES performance specs Lexus completely redesigned …

A bright blue Lexus ES 350 in drive mode.
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Most Complained About Lexus Cars

Lexus, the renowned luxury branch of the Japanese car company Toyota, is reputed for reliability. Although Lexus reliability is strong, the cars aren’t entirely without fault. Some Lexus owners have filed complaints on CarComplaints.com. The models on the following list are the most complained about Lexus cars. Lexus LS 460 This Lexus sedan is on …

The Lexus ES 300 h on display at the Brussels Motor Show
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The 2021 Lexus ES Is Adding a Key Driving Feature

The Lexus ES has undergone a number of changes since its debut in 1989. Currently in its seventh generation, the 2021 Lexus ES is no different in that it’s getting a number of changes as well. Fans of the luxury brand wait all year to hear what upgrades and changes will be made to their …

A red 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD out in the country.
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Is It Really Worth Upgrading to the Lexus ES from the Toyota Avalon?

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a Toyota or its luxury counterpart, Lexus. But sometimes the challenge is deciding which brand to choose, especially when certain models share many similarities. The 2020 Toyota Avalon and the 2020 Lexus ES are perfect examples of this. Is it worth upgrading from the Avalon to the ES? What’s it like to drive these two sedans? …

A Lexus GS F is displayed during the Geneva Motor Show
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Most Reliable 3-Year-Old Lexus Models

Buying a new Lexus is tempting, but opting for a used model instead provides you with luxury and at a  discount. Lexus is widely celebrated for being an especially reliable car brand, which makes their models even more desirable as used-car options. To get the most bang for your buck, Consumer Reports recommends shopping among …

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These Are the Most Reliable Luxury Cars of 2020

Every year, Consumer Reports rates vehicles depending on their driving experience, customer satisfaction, and reliability. A luxury car typically costs more upfront than a car in the non-luxury segment. So it’s important to know that you are paying for something with reliability to justify the extra initial cost. These are the most reliable luxury cars …

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Why Would You Get the Toyota Avalon Over the Lexus ES?

Toyota and its luxurious sibling Lexus are well-known for offering a variety of vehicles that are safe, reliable, and fun to drive. Typically, we wouldn’t compare a Toyota to a Lexus because they offer such different driving experiences. However, Toyota’s top of the line Avalon sedan is very similar to Lexus’ entry-level ES luxury sedan. …