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The Lexus GX 470, although no longer in production, continues to be a popular used choice for consumers. This version of the luxury crossover had a promising run between 2003 and 2009, before transforming into the redesigned GX 460 that’s available today. If you are considering one of these former SUV models, there are a few problems GX 470 owners have dealt with the most.

There isn’t much to dislike about the GX 470

One of the best resources available to consumers who are interested in seeing what repairs or issues others experience with their cars is According to the data they collect from owners of the GX 470, there aren’t a lot of serious alarms.

The reduced numbers of reports can either indicate there aren’t many occurrences or issues, or it’s not a commonly owned SUV. Digging in further, there are a few concerns some GX 470 owners have expressed, and complaints you might need to know before owning one of these yourself.

Why the 2006 model GX 470 has the most complaints

Based on the complaints compiled via, the 2006 model year for the Lexus 470 has the most overall issues. One of the common problems owners faced was a secondary air injection failure, costing repair bills in excess of $1,400.

On average, these failures were presenting around 110,000 miles. A few others complained about problems with brake failures around 38,000 miles, while one report complained about cracks in the exhaust manifold that cost the owner $1,500 to repair.

Why 2003 is the worst model year

There may be more complaints for the 2006 model year of the Lexus GX 470, but says 2003 may be the worst year for problems. Based on the number of occurrences, the average mileage at which the issues present, and the costs of repairs, the reports of clunking sounds make 2003 the worst.

Occurring around 77,000 miles and costing $4,000 to fix, this suspension and driveshaft problem is significant for those who encounter it. The gurus have reports of 85 GX 470 owners with this problem.

According to their data, this problem has presented across 2003 through 2008 model years. So while 2003 models were problematic the most, it’s possible to have repairs through these other years as well.

Other common problems worth mentioning

While less frequent in occurrence, there are a few other problems shared by Lexus GX 470 owners. Some experienced rack and pinion leaks. A few owners reported electronic air suspension failures and prematurely degrading exterior paint.

There were 26 reports of sunroof problems, either jamming or getting stuck, according to Many of these concerns were isolated or infrequent. However, knowing some of the issues, other GX 470 owners have faced over the years might help you make your decision.

If you like the Lexus GX 470, might like the new GX 460

If you like the GX 470 models, you probably have an appreciation for the body-on-frame design that mimics that of the Toyota 4Runner. While they don’t make the GX 470 anymore, the Lexus GX 460 will offer the same design.

New for 2020, this version of the popular SUV has a new off-road package to offer, and a substantial roster of driver assistance features now standard. Critics will point out it’s been a while since the GX 460 had a refresh, but in terms of capability and performance, it won’t disappoint.

Lexus has a reputation for building lasting and quality vehicles. Anyone looking to buy a Lexus GX 470, shouldn’t have too many concerns. But, knowing about the few problems and complaints that have surfaced for some owners can be helpful to you as you make your purchasing decision.