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An Audi badge

Buying The Cheapest Audi R8 Proves to Be an Expensive Nightmare

Rebuilding wrecked exotic cars and supercars is always a gamble, and while sometimes things turn out OK, sometimes they don't — and, when YouTubers like Tavarish start to get intimated by a build, you know things are really going south. For JR, this Audi R8 rebuild didn't go as planned, and turned into a straight nightmare.
Image of a dashcam in a car.

Teslacams Prove Dashcams Can Save You on Insurance Claims

Dashcams may seem like techy treats for geeks. The reality, however, is that dashcams are proving their worth repeatedly. So much so, that it has reached the point now where some cars come equipped with the devices from the factory. For a good reason, determining the facts about what happened in any given roadway incident is not …
A silver Aston Martin DB9 sits on the side of a coastal road.

This Is the Reason Aston Martin Stopped Their Ice Driving Program

Aston Martin used to have a program that helped people become acquainted with the manufacturer’s cars in Winter conditions. Specifically, driving instructors would take people for hot laps on a snow-covered course with various Aston Martin models. Sadly, even professional instructors have times they exercise poor judgment. One of those times was the trigger for …
A white Lamborghini Countach is on display at an indoor show.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Personal Countach Changes Hands, Record Sale

The Lamborghini Countach is an iconic exotic car. For decades this collectible car was on posters in the rooms and shops of many automotive enthusiasts. The Countach also became a pop culture icon after appearing in the Cannonball Run movie. The first few moments of the film were dedicated to showing off the performance of …
A catamaran sailboat seen sailing around sunset

The Best Sailing Channels On YouTube – By Subscriptions

In addition to the entertainment value, YouTube is a great tool to learn things or win things. If you don’t know where to find the fuse box on your vehicle, or how what the difference is between a boat and a ship, there’s probably a YouTube video showing you. Occasionally, some YouTube channels even give …
vintage coachmen leprechaun

Buying a Vintage Camper Could Be a Huge Mistake

The couple in these videos usually records stories of themselves on various trips around the world. During lockdowns this year, however, they decided to search for––and buy––a vintage 1970s camper. The vintage camper RV is a Coachmen Leprechaun. At first it’s exciting, but after a few months of work on renovating it, the two may …
A red Ferrari Testarossa at the Top Gear test track.

Watch an Abandoned Ferrari Testarossa Begin Its Comeback Restoration

In July, a story surfaced of a neglected 1988 Ferrari Testarossa abandoned on a street in Puerto Rico. At that time, I covered how the car had sat for 17 years prior to a Youtuber with a channel called Ratarossa becoming aware of it. He took a pass on purchasing the Ferrari but wanted to know what would happen …
Here's Why People Hate Scotty Kilmer | Scotty Kilmer, YouTube

Here’s Why People Hate Scotty Kilmer, According to Himself

His career may not have started with his YouTube channel, but that is where a lot of people know the popular automotive enthusiast Scotty Kilmer from. Many people admire Scotty for his expansive knowledge and genuine passion, but just like everywhere else on the internet, he does receive his fair share of hate. In fact, …