Image of a dashcam in a car.
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Teslacams Prove Dashcams Can Save You on Insurance Claims

Dashcams may seem like techy treats for geeks. The reality, however, is that dashcams are proving their worth repeatedly. So much so, that it has reached the point now where some cars come equipped with the devices from the factory. For a good reason, determining the facts about what happened in any given roadway incident is not …

A silver Aston Martin DB9 sits on the side of a coastal road.
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This Is the Reason Aston Martin Stopped Their Ice Driving Program

Aston Martin used to have a program that helped people become acquainted with the manufacturer’s cars in Winter conditions. Specifically, driving instructors would take people for hot laps on a snow-covered course with various Aston Martin models. Sadly, even professional instructors have times they exercise poor judgment. One of those times was the trigger for …

A catamaran sailboat seen sailing around sunset
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The Best Sailing Channels On YouTube – By Subscriptions

In addition to the entertainment value, YouTube is a great tool to learn things or win things. If you don’t know where to find the fuse box on your vehicle, or how what the difference is between a boat and a ship, there’s probably a YouTube video showing you. Occasionally, some YouTube channels even give …

vintage coachmen leprechaun
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Buying a Vintage Camper Could Be a Huge Mistake

The couple in these videos usually records stories of themselves on various trips around the world. During lockdowns this year, however, they decided to search for––and buy––a vintage 1970s camper. The vintage camper RV is a Coachmen Leprechaun. At first it’s exciting, but after a few months of work on renovating it, the two may …

A blue 2019 Ford Raptor is powering through on a dirt road.

Owner of New Ford Raptor Surprised by $10,000 Damage In A Day

Hailstorms are annoying. Sometimes, they can even be dangerous and destructive. One 2020 Ford Raptor owner discovered this first hand. He was, of course, very excited to buy his pickup, only to become disheartened by a hailstorm the next day. He and his wife were safe. But, the new Raptor took a beating. The hail …

Navigation nowhere bus front in the forest
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Living Large in This Incredible School Bus Tiny Home RV

If you’ve ever thought of living off the grid or traveling the country in a motorhome, tiny house, camper or RV is the ideal lifestyle, this bus is the stuff of dreams. However, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing both interior and exterior. The bus also fully functions as a tiny home. You can live large …

Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared in action off-road
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If You Haven’t Watched 4WD 24/7 You’re Missing the Action

Perhaps you’re familiar with this off-road YouTube channel called “four-wheel-drive (4WD) Action.” Well, now it’s called 4WD 24/7 and if you haven’t watched you’re missing out. The channel features some of the most insane off-roading and overland challenges ever, and it’s set in Australia. Admittedly, my sons first showed me the channel. But once I …

A white Model Y sits in a display
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Tesla Model Y Teardown Foam Failure

Tesla has taken a lot of heat for being unconventional. Regardless of what pundits say about the company’s approach to the automotive market, however, no one can argue that the company is a failure. Instead, Tesla has successfully marketed, introduced, produced, and sold new electric models after new electric models. It has also created legions of followers along the way. …

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YouTube Car Channels That Are Worth Watching

Whether you’re looking for car advice or are just looking to be entertained, YouTube is perhaps the best and most entertaining source to get what you need. However, be careful, as there are many channels that are simply not worth watching, but for every bad channel, there’s a good one. If you find yourself getting …

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Don’t Waste Time Watching These Car YouTube Channels

Believe it or not, us auto journalists spend as much time watching YouTube as you do, and possibly even more so. And while we spend hours clicking through different videos and checking out what other websites and fellow journalists are covering (for the sake of being supportive, of course), we always happen upon some channels …