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Gray 1993 Jeep Cherokee parked next to a forest
Trucks & SUVs

YouTubers Turned a Classic Jeep Cherokee Into a Convertible

In this shocking yet amusing video, a perfect storm of three elements combine. This includes the interesting characters that you find on YouTube, the automotive world, and the “do-it-yourself” realm. Some YouTubers turned a classic Jeep Cherokee into a convertible, just for kicks.
An Audi badge

Buying The Cheapest Audi R8 Proves to Be an Expensive Nightmare

Rebuilding wrecked exotic cars and supercars is always a gamble, and while sometimes things turn out OK, sometimes they don't — and, when YouTubers like Tavarish start to get intimated by a build, you know things are really going south. For JR, this Audi R8 rebuild didn't go as planned, and turned into a straight nightmare.
Keanu reeves on the red carpet
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Keanu Reeves Meets Drunk Automotive YouTuber in This Cringy Tale

It isn’t uncommon to hear a truly cringe-worthy story that involves a bit too much alcohol, and, with judgment a bit hazy, it is easy to understand how one zealous Keanu Reeves fan might be unable to hide their excitement at the opportunity to meet the popular celebrity in person. Since the story has been …
Image of a dashcam in a car.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Teslacams Prove Dashcams Can Save You on Insurance Claims

Dashcams may seem like techy treats for geeks. The reality, however, is that dashcams are proving their worth repeatedly. So much so, that it has reached the point now where some cars come equipped with the devices from the factory. For a good reason, determining the facts about what happened in any given roadway incident is not …
A silver Aston Martin DB9 sits on the side of a coastal road.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

This Is the Reason Aston Martin Stopped Their Ice Driving Program

Aston Martin used to have a program that helped people become acquainted with the manufacturer’s cars in Winter conditions. Specifically, driving instructors would take people for hot laps on a snow-covered course with various Aston Martin models. Sadly, even professional instructors have times they exercise poor judgment. One of those times was the trigger for …