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This Wide-Body Lamborghini Aventador is a Beautiful and Heart-Wrenching Tribute

If you have ever watched The Stradman on YouTube, you're familiar with James's bubble personality, but his more recent video took a somber turn. Although his wide-body Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador build has finally been completed, it now stands as a tribute to James's father who recently passed away, and a beautiful tribute nonetheless.

For some people, cars are a machine that gets us where we need to go, help us run errands, and essentially work as little more than a method of transportation. For car enthusiasts, cars have so much more meaning, and that is why we tend to spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes even years building and modifying our cars to be something special.

Some enthusiasts prefer to keep their cars in pristine, factory condition, and some prefer to make them dramatically different, but whatever you choose to do, it seems like they are more than just cars. Perhaps that is why, when this YouTuber dedicated his most recent Lamborghini build to his father, who recently passed away, there is no doubt that more than a few viewers shed a tear.

Who is Stradman

If you’ve never watched The Stradman on YouTube, chances are you don’t know who James is, and if you aren’t into automotive YouTube channels yet, James’s enthusiastic personality is just the way to get interested. The Stradman channel is known for crazy and unique supercar builds featuring James, who has the personality of a genuine car enthusiast who is always excited about what he’s doing.

Sadly, this May, James’s father, who has been seen in a handful of his videos, passed away before he could see the final rendition of the channel’s latest unique build. According to James, his father was incredibly excited for this latest build, and, as such, he decided to dedicate the car to his father.

A Lamborghini badge in cursive
A badge on a Lamborghini | Alessia Pierdomenico, Bloomberg, Getty Images

The Liberty Walk Aventador

The car itself has been months in the making for The Stradman channel, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the debut of the final product. The build is based on an already show-stopping car: a Lamborghini Aventador. If you didn’t love the over-the-top looks of the Aventador as it comes from Lamborghini, you might love the vibrant pink color or the wide-body Liberty Walk body kit.

A heart-felt dedication to his father

In his latest video, James begins by bringing back a clip of an older video where he is on his way to the airport to pick up “on of the most important people in [his] life,” his dad, followed by a another clip of his dad riding in the passenger seat of his Lamborghini.

“This is the first video I’ve filmed that he’s not going to be watching. I know I shouldn’t be filming the video right now, but, for one reason or another, I feel like, because we finished the car and he died a couple hours later, this car is, like, in remembrance of him, and, I just want to honor him in some way.

James Condon, The Stradman

After months of watching the build, viewers of The Stradman channel finally got to see the final product revealed just moments before James begins to discuss the events that occurred with his father.

Not shying away from the camera, James holds it together enough to explain his father’s role in not only his life but his success as a YouTuber.


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