Buying a Vintage Camper Could Be a Huge Mistake

The couple in these videos usually records stories of themselves on various trips around the world. During lockdowns this year, however, they decided to search for––and buy––a vintage 1970s camper. The vintage camper RV is a Coachmen Leprechaun. At first it’s exciting, but after a few months of work on renovating it, the two may be having second thoughts. Buying a vintage camper could be a huge mistake.

The vintage camper RV that they bought has all the vintage appeal you could ever want. Much of the interior finish is original and in great condition, as we see in the videos. However, tread carefully. Sometimes a project like this turns into far more than what you expect.

$4,000 vintage camper

In all its retro glory, this vintage camper stole the hearts of the Endless Adventure YouTube couple. It’s actually easy to see what they saw in this old beast. Both exterior and interior are charming and appear to be in good repair. Modernizing and setting the vintage camper RV should be a piece of cake right? Yeah… we’ll see.

They spent $4,000 on the old Coachmen RV. It seems like a pretty good deal. Yet right out of the gate the tires already need replacing. This turns out to be no easy feat. The vintage camper is so ancient that the wheels are a size that is no longer in regular production. So it turns out that something as simple as replacing a tire could prove extremely difficult. In fact, one of the first steps that must be made in order to modernize this Coachmen Leprechaun RV is to replace all four of the wheels with something that’s easy to service.

Repairs and renovations are harder than they seem

DIY projects can be really fun. In addition, a good hands-on project can contribute to feelings of accomplishment. A tangible finished product combined with what you learned in the process of completion are a potent combo. But big projects come with big hiccups. There are bound to be mistakes and setbacks along the way.

As they work on renovating this vintage camper, the Endless Adventure team learns a lot. It’s actually inspiring to watch. Even if some of us are watching thinking that they might have made a huge mistake, it’s still impressive to watch them persevere and move forward with this massive RV project.

There are moments like the one above when they learn that they’ve done something incorrectly after reading comments that viewers leave on the video. Sometimes buying a vintage camper means taking something apart and redoing it. It’s something that anyone who has taken on a project like this has already learned the hard way––at least once or twice.

They don’t regret buying a vintage camper Coachmen Leprechaun RV

In the video above, the two do a Question and Answer session. One of the questions is a follower asking when they began regretting the decision to buy a vintage camper. However, it turns out that they don’t regret it.

In fact, they say they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. They’ve learned so much and plan to see the project all the way through. So, while buying a vintage camper like this Coachmen Leprechaun RV could be a huge mistake, for the hosts of Endless Adventure it’s just been one more adventure.