Watch What Happens To Driver That Attempts Evading Police After Reaching 130 MPH

Savage Garage is the name of a YouTube channel that chronicles a team of auto enthusiasts in the Miami area. The team owns a variety of performance, exotics, and hypercars. They recently decided to head out to a track for some car fun with their friends. Along the way, one driver was doing a high-speed run on the open road and was spotted by police. What happened next to the offending driver unfolds on the screen.

Police give chase

A look at the front of the a black Dodge Charger with a push bar.
Dodge Charger Pursuit | FCA

On the final day of the Savage Rally 2020, a convoy of specialty cars, trucks, SUVs, exotics, and hypercars made its way to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. Along the way, “Jimbo” was driving his V12 Mercedes S65 a bit over the speed limit. In fact, as he crested a hill, he was allegedly doing 130 mph. That is when an officer in a patrol car gave chase. 

Don’t get the police wrong. Law enforcement can appreciate exotic and hypercars like the rest of us. They can even understand drivers of those cars getting mischievous every once in a while. But, when somebody is doing 130 mph on a roadway, it is time for police to issue a warning or a ticket. Of course, they have to catch them first. 

Sadly, when a police officer lights up their lights, not everybody pulls over. Instead, some people show a lack of judgment and decide it would be fun to evade the police. That’s when the legal charges start mounting up, and the danger to everybody involved also rises.

Jimbo tries to evade police

Jimbo made that boneheaded error. He decided to try and outrun the police when he was fully aware they were chasing him. But, when outrunning didn’t work, he decided to head for the track, which was only a mile away. At that point, he bailed out of the Mercedes and tried hiding. All of this, of course, was caught on video for posterity and shared on YouTube. The video is posted below.

As the video unfolds, the rest of Jimbo’s friends showed up at the track and began wondering what was going on. Details began to indicate that Jimbo was in a bathroom waiting. Yup, Jimbo was hold up in a room that is known for stinky messes. That seems appropriate. One of his friends speculated that Jimbo probably knows he is going to go to jail. So, he decided to take his last peaceful poop. Eventually, however, Jimbo wises up.

Everybody was on edge

Watch the video to see what happens. There are no spoilers here. However, as a side note. It’s never a good idea to approach a police officer in a mob-like setting. Understandably, the police officer was a little disturbed at the crowd that approached him during the fiasco. So, everybody seemed a little on edge, the officer trying to understand the intent of the crowd, and the friends trying to figure out what was going to happen to their friend. 

Radar gun used to give speeding tickets
Police using Radar gun | Artur Widak/NurPhoto)

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There is a time and place for everything, including appreciating the incredible performance output of road machines. Different racing establishments across the country have been created to provide a place for those performance extremes to be tested and enjoyed while in the confines of a safe environment. Safety personnel is even on standby at many of these places. If that is not enough, there are a few stretches of road that can be legally shut down, with the right permits, to do speed testing. Hennessey and SSC have all gone through this for their speed testing programs. In short, driving fast is not bad in the right and legal environment. However, doing it without regard for others on the road or for law enforcement’s authority can end up being very bad.