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Scotty Kilmer has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the most successful car-related channels and automotive celebrities on the platform. With his viewership, it is unsurprising that Scotty Kilmer’s net worth is estimated to be quite high. So, how high is it?

Who is Scotty Kilmer?

If you’ve searched for automotive videos on YouTube, you’ve probably at least seen a Scotty Kilmer thumbnail. Kilmer, who claims to have more than five decades of experience as a mechanic, posts frequent videos about car repairs and new cars. His videos are often more rants than reviews, and this is one aspect of Kilmer that is controversial among viewers. His style is not for everyone, and some are skeptical of his repair advice. 

Before joining YouTube, Kilmer was active beyond his aforementioned career as a mechanic. He wrote a book called Everyone’s Guide to Buying a Used Car, an appropriate subject given Kilmer’s expertise, published in 1994. According to HotCars, Kilmer hosted a show for the Houston CBS affiliate entitled Crank it Up with Scotty, which ran from 1994 to 2004 and even earned him an Emmy.

Scotty Kilmer joined YouTube in 2007, making him an early figure on the platform. Despite his polarizing reception, he has become a celebrity on YouTube, and his channel has nearly 2 billion views. This has undoubtedly given him a substantial net worth.

Is Scotty Kilmer’s net worth really $10 million?

Scotty Kilmer net worth: A billboard advertisement for YouTube, a platform where Scotty Kilmer made his fame and fortune
A YouTube billboard advertisement | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Net Worth Spot‘s lowest estimate for Scotty Kilmer’s net worth is about $6.98 million, but this may not tell the whole story. Most prominent YouTubers have other forms of income in addition to the ad revenue they receive from their videos. If Kilmer follows this pattern, his net worth could be closer to that $10 million mark.

This same Net Worth Spot article calculates that with an average monthly viewership of nearly 30 million, Kilmer is likely earning about $116,000 per month in ad revenue. On YouTube, Scotty Kilmer states that he earns commissions on viewer purchases as an Amazon Associate but does not do sponsored videos. 

Kilmer’s frequency of uploads is a large part of what has made him a powerhouse on YouTube. On an average day, Kilmer typically uploads two full-length videos at least 10 minutes long and one YouTube Short. This formula rarely changes, and Kilmer seldom takes a day off from posting. Consistency like this is rewarded in the YouTube algorithm.

Recent rumors falsely claimed the car guru died

It might sound ridiculous considering that Scotty Kilmer is constantly uploading videos, but recently, a rumor was that he had died. The false rumors state that he filmed three months-worth of content in advance. According to the theory, this explains why his account is still as active as ever, even after Kilmer’s alleged death. Obviously, this is just a hoax, and Kilmer addressed the rumors in a recent YouTube video that is humorously called “RIP Scotty Kilmer.” In the video, Kilmer shows the day’s date on his phone to prove that this was recorded after his rumored death.

Scotty Kilmer is not a young man, and death rumors like this are pretty common for him. Similar stories appeared in 2021, and before that, they appeared in 2020. Despite these rumors, Kilmer appears to be as healthy as ever and maintains his consistent upload schedule. 

Regardless of the false rumors that persistently follow Scotty Kilmer, he continues to be one of YouTube’s most successful content creators who focuses on cars. With this success, a $10 million net worth for Kilmer is an entirely realistic possibility.


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