Who Will Win? Epic Tug-of-War Battle Between F-350 SEMA Truck and H1 Hummer

Custom automotive channels, shops, and builders are always looking for new ways to show off their work, especially if it is done in a way that is compatible to vehicles that the consumer public and viewers are already familiar with. Sometimes even major manufacturers will use this method to show off their vehicle’s capabilities as well, as it is a fun and suspense-building display, although it can damage your vehicle if not done correctly and if your vehicle is pushed too far. Between a custom Ford F-350 built for SEMA and an H1 Hummer, however, it’s hard to bet on who will win.

What is a tug-of-war battle?

A beige H1 hummer winches a black H1, it is capable of winning a tug-of-war battle
A beige H1 hummer winches a black H1 | David Howells, Corbis, Getty Image

A tug-of-war battle is a battle of strength similar to the game many children have played. It’s the ultimate arm-wrestling, bragging-right winning competition of sheer strength, power, and traction. Between two vehicles, a tug-of-war battle is when a rope or chain is attached between the vehicles, and each moves in a separate direction. Similar to a regular tug-of-war battle, the winner is the side that is able to pull the other team past a certain point. In vehicles, this indicates that the winning vehicle has more traction and weighs more — basic physics.

What’s the purpose?

Like a drag race, there really isn’t a genuine purpose for a tug-of-water battle, except epic braggin rights. When it comes to vehicles like a custom-built Ford F-350 designed to be showcased at SEMA this year, however, those bragging rights are nothing worth giving up, especially when the battle is between that capable custom built and a military-grade H1 Hummer, which is known for its abilities off-road. Would you make a bet as to which of these two capable of off-road vehicles wins between the two in a tug-of-war battle?

Who will win?

Based on physics alone, it’s a pretty big toss-up on which vehicle will win — mostly because we can only estimate how much each vehicle actually weighs, which is a major factor in winning a tug-of-war battle. A standard H1 Hummer can weigh as much as about 8,000 lbs, while a stuck Ford F-350 typically weighs as much as 7,800 lbs. With any changes or modifications, this weight can be changed, and with such a small difference in weight between the two vehicles, we can only watch and see what happens.


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This type of activity isn’t recommended for most vehicle owners as it puts unnecessary strain on your vehicle. If your rope or chain isn’t attached to an appropriate, load-bearing part of your vehicle, you can damage the body, frame, and chassis, and it also puts unneeded strain on your motor, transmission, and suspension components. Regardless of the risks, many SUV and truck enthusiasts still use this tug-of-war style battle to establish automotive prowess, and, even though most of us won’t chose to participate, it is still a spectacle worth watching.