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Are you looking to save a little bit of cash on maintaining your car, truck, or SUV? Performing your own minor repairs is one of the best ways to save money. However, not everyone is a mechanic or well-versed in anything automotive. Luckily, plenty of car maintenance YouTubers post very insightful videos. These are the people you’ll want to subscribe to for all your vehicle needs.

Best car maintenance YouTubers: EricTheCarGuy – 1.67 million subscribers

EricTheCarGuy is an experienced mechanic dedicated to helping those who are less knowledgable. Eric is an excellent resource if you require a reliable YouTube channel for doing repairs yourself. With Interesting Engineering‘s recommendation and such a high subscriber count, it’s clear that this channel helps a lot of people. It’s easily one of the biggest automotive repair channels on YouTube. Moreover, the channel features hundreds of videos ranging from specific model repairs to general questions. They’re even divided into playlists to help viewers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Engineering Explained – 3.18 million subscribers

Engineering Explained is an excellent tool for learning how things work in cars. The channel frequently breaks down specific parts and tools and answers common maintenance questions. Not only can you learn how to repair something, but you’ll also learn how it works and why it needs repairing. In addition, the channel uses diagrams and whiteboard drawings to clearly show how complicated parts like engines work. Even if you’re not going to fix your engine, we’ve all been curious about how they operate.

Best car maintenance YouTubers: South Main Auto Repair – 676,000 subscribers

South Main Auto Repair’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for car maintenance questions. The channel runner owns a small town auto repair shop in New York and has over 22 years of full-time mechanic experience. His channel contains many videos showing how to repair specific things on particular vehicles. Whatever model year you drive, chances are he’s worked on it. Additionally, the channel sees frequent uploads as cars constantly go in and out of the shop. It’s the perfect channel for anyone needing help with some basic repairs or even a bit more advanced stuff in some cases.

ChrisFix – 8.8 million subscribers

No one gets this many subscribers by accident. ChrisFix is a car maintenance YouTuber that specializes in simple, easy repairs. Things like headlight restoration with toothpaste, removing rust with vinegar and ketchup, etc. There are more complex repairs on the channel, but these fun, simple tips make Chris stand out. This channel is the perfect subscription if you’re looking for easy ways to make minor repairs and keep your car clean.

Ratchets and Wrenches – 967,000 subscribers

This car maintenance YouTuber provides loads of tips and tricks, as well as tutorial videos for everything automotive. Furthermore, you’ll find everything from experiments like will a spark plug boost mpg to how to remove scratches with WD-40. The channel’s owner says he started it to help fellow DIYers, and now he loves showing people how things work and the best ways to fix them. With nearly 200 million views since the channel’s inception in 2012, it’s no wonder he has so many subscribers. This YouTuber provides tons of insightful videos that’ll save you money.

Best car maintenance YouTubers: Scotty Kilmer – 4.9 million subscribers

2022 Kia K5 midsize sedan in blue, the best car maintenance youtubers to watch give insightful information on repairs, car buying, and more.
2022 Kia K5 | Kia America

This ultra-popular car maintenance YouTuber is famous for comedic delivery and strong opinions. Redditors often joke that he hates everything that isn’t a Toyota. Aside from that, Scotty is also a very experienced mechanic who shares tons of helpful knowledge. After all, 53 years of automotive repairs give someone tons of helpful information, and we’re thankful Scotty chooses to share it with the world. Great videos like which parts to buy, how to check for a particular issue, how to fix various things, and of course, Why Kias Are Crap.

In short, these are some of the best car maintenance YouTubers on the internet. Anyone who wants to learn more about cars or figure out how to repair something should check out these channels. Moreover, there are loads more we’ve missed that you’ll find by searching for your specific need. We recommend subscribing to these channels because you never know when they’ll post something you find helpful.


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