Teslacams Prove Dashcams Can Save You on Insurance Claims

Dashcams may seem like techy treats for geeks. The reality, however, is that dashcams are proving their worth repeatedly. So much so, that it has reached the point now where some cars come equipped with the devices from the factory. For a good reason, determining the facts about what happened in any given roadway incident is not up for argument when a dashcam is there to record what happened. 

YouTube channels love dashcam footage

"Dashcam Recording" is written on the sticker stuck to a car
“Dashcam Recording” is written on the sticker stuck to a car | Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images

Several years ago, YouTube channels started popping up dedicated to amazing moments that are captured on dashcams. There are a lot of near misses caught on camera. There are also a lot of shenanigans of people not behaving properly. For example, dashcams have caught people throwing themselves on car hoods and waiting for the Police to arrive to claim they were hit by the car. If not for the dashcam, disproving the claim would have been difficult for the driver. Sadly, that situation is not as rare as one would think. There’s plenty of poor behavior caught on video. There are also times people at fault for an accident try to spin an untruth. 

“When accidents happen, the driver at fault may attempt to deflect the blame away from themselves and pin it on the innocent driver. When there is no evidence of what actually happened, these types of situations can be very difficult to decipher. A dashcam will provide you with video evidence reassurance of the truth in the event scenarios like this occur.” – National Retail Services

Tesla believes in the goodness of camera footage

Tesla is a manufacturer that believes in the goodness of the dashcam. Their Sentry Mode is a camera monitoring system. In the event of an accident, with a tap on the infotainment screen, the last little bit of time will be saved and become accessible to the owner. Also, while the car is off if anybody approaches the vehicle too closely, the cameras will automatically start recording. 

“Along with providing evidence in case of an accident and helping drivers improve their skills, dashcams can serve an important purpose while a car is parked. These cameras can be set to turn on when motion is detected around your vehicle, recording attempted break-ins, vandalism, or hit and run incidents. This added benefit allows drivers to feel safer about leaving their vehicle unattended. This reassurance allows for peace of mind as anything going on around the vehicle will be recorded – and can be later used as evidence to locate the cause of potential damage or wrongdoing.” – National Retail Services

Dashcam ownership means video truth can save you from false insurance claims

Owning a dashcam does not necessarily mean a discount will be a part of your monthly auto insurance. However, It is amazing how many people looking to commit insurance fraud will change their stories once the dashcam footage becomes part of the story. Using a dashcam may get you out of hot water with your insurance when fraudsters show up on a scene. So, instead of an owner having to pay out, the other party instead will have the trouble to deal with. In essence, a dashcam owner may not save on monthly payments, but they can save on bogus insurance claims. 


A Dashcam Should Be Your Next Tech Purchase

Tesla was mentioned earlier. This company actually places multiple cameras around the car. This enables recording to be done from the front, rear, and sides of the vehicles. Consequently, all parties have better ascertainment of the facts. The point is that the more camera coverage there is, the better. The truth can stand on its own and hopefully save in false claims. Tesla or not, dashcams have become important.