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If you’re like us and you watch a lot of automotive YouTube videos (for research purposes), then you’re probably familiar with Scotty Kilmer. If not, just know that he’s an old-school mechanic that’s an encyclopedia of automotive knowledge and over 4.3 million subscribers. If anything, that high number means he knows what he’s talking about, or he’s just really popular.

Either way, he seems to give good advice in the hundreds of videos that he’s produced over the years. In one recent video, he recommended three specific vehicles that he thinks people should buy now before they skyrocket in value. Can you guess which three cars he recommended?

The Honda CR-V is almost a no-brainer

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 40 years, you have probably heard that Hondas are really reliable. It doesn’t take a certified master technician to know that, however, Kilmer definitely does. As such, the first car that he recommends is a Honda CR-V.

Kilmer didn’t mention any specific model years, however, he does make an example of a 2000 model year CR-V in his video. He’s quick to point out that the CR-V has a “whopping” 285,000 miles on the odometer and is in decent shape, despite its age. Kilmer then shows viewers around the car and goes over the various parts that were replaced or need replacing. The bottom line of it all is that the CR-V runs super well and is easy to maintain. So if you’re in need of a small SUV to tote around your stuff or your family, it’s a great time to buy a Honda CR-V.

The Honda S2000 is a reliable sports car

2008 Honda S2000 on the track
2008 Honda S2000 | Honda

Next on Kilmer’s list is another Honda. However, it’s not just any Honda. It’s the venerable S2000. The Honda S2000 was around from 1999 to 2009 and provided owners with a reliable and thrilling driving experience without the need for a bunch of electronic nannies or a turbocharger. Kilmer kindly points that out in his video and stresses just how dead-on-reliable the S2000 was and still is.

We definitely agree that anyone interested in a Honda S2000 should buy one since the values are increasing as time goes on. However, just keep in mind that the current prices for Honda S2000s are pretty elevated, so good luck with your search. “There aren’t any more being made and I guarantee you they’re not making any more,” Kilmer said.

The Honda Civic is a staple in the automotive world

A grey Honda Civic parked streetside
Honda Civic | Patrick Fallon via Getty Images

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Lastly, Kilmer recommends that anyone in the market for a car look into a Honda Civic. Of course, there are plenty of Civics of different years and conditions to fit your budget, no matter how low it is. The particular Civic that Kilmer showcases in his video is a 2005 Honda Civic with only 121,000 miles on it. “For a Honda Civic, that’s barely broken in,” Kilmer said.

He’s not lying, as many Honda Civics have easily eclipsed the 200,000-mile mark without any major issues. Also, many of the newer Civics should easily last that long or longer as well.

We’re not surprised that they are Hondas

Considering Honda’s reputation for building some of the most reliable and efficient cars on the planet, we’re not too surprised that Scotty Kilmer recommended three of them. There are plenty of reliable cars from other automakers as well, but if a master technician and YouTuber with more subscribers than the population of Nevada recommends a Honda, you should probably listen.