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WhistlinDiesel is one of those content creators who consistently prompt head-scratching reactions. However, even with the YouTube channel’s wild antics, he perhaps hasn’t done anything as wild as buying a helicopter without a license. That is until he decided to fly it remotely within a structure. It went about as well as you might expect. 

WhistlinDiesel bought a small helicopter without a license

An MH-6 Little Bird helicopter carries operators.
MH-6 “Little Bird” | Brian Blanco, Getty Images

In a maneuver that the YouTuber performed to rack up his typical multi-million view counts, he purchased a Revolution Mini 500. A glance confirms the helicopter’s diminutive stature and physical resemblance to the U.S. Army’s famed MH-6 “Little Birds,” a helo that units like the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) use to support ground operations. 

In WhistlinDiesel’s case, he bought his Mini 500 sans license. Of course, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for the YouTuber to get licensed. A Private Pilot License for Helicopters (PPL-H), or a “basic helicopter license,” takes effort, focus, and dedication to obtain. However, it doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. On average, part-time students take around six months to collect their helicopter license, per FLYING Magazine.

When the WhistlinDiesel team tried flying the helo inside, chaos ensued

What’s wilder than buying a helicopter without a license? Flying one indoors certainly qualifies. Well, that’s what the YouTuber did with the small fry chopper. After retreating to a safe distance, the team attempted to achieve lift with the little helicopter.

However, shortly after spinning up to sufficient power for lift, the Mini 500 shot across the structure into the corner. As you might expect with any crash, the little helicopter sustained extensive damage. Like I said, it went as well as you might imagine.


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