The rear 3/4 view of Expedition Overland's 2019 Jeep Gladiator in a field
Trucks & SUVs

The Expedition Overland Odin Is a Jeep Gladiator Ready for Ragnarok

If you’re looking for an off-road-ready pickup truck, it’s hard to compete with the Jeep Gladiator. Especially now that, in addition to the rock-crawling Rubicon, there’s now the dune-jumping Mojave. And just like the Wrangler it’s based on, the Gladiator is a popular platform for customization. Jeep itself has released a few Gladiator concepts, including …

2021 Toyota Tacoma Overlanding SEMA Concept With Sport Trailer
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The 2021 Toyota Tacoma Trailer Gives You More Tacoma

Have you ever looked at your Toyota Tacoma and thought you needed more truck? Well, then you could upgrade to the full-size Toyota Tundra, but then you wouldn’t have the infamous Tacoma! But with the 2021 Toyota Tacoma with the matching Tacoma Overlanding trailer, all your problems could be solved.  Check out the Toyota Tacoma …

Luno overland camper conversion
Trucks & SUVs

Any SUV Can Turn Overlander With Just a Few Pieces of Gear

The interest in overlanding continues to grow. People love it. COVID has certainly only fanned the flames by increasing people’s desire to get away from crowded cities and into the woods in a self-sufficient way. Overland rigs can be intimidating, but Luno has come out with a few simple solutions to keeping your daily, a …

The Ultimate Adventure camper Truck
Marine & RVs

What Is a “Hard-Side” Camper and Is It Worth It?

As more people get interested in the various styles of camper vehicles for the first time, like anything other new interest, there are a lot of new terminologies that we have to learn. Whether full-time live-in camper or part-time recreational camper, there are a lot of ways to waste money and get yourself in trouble. …

Thor Motor Coach Siesta Class C motor home rv on display

RV Enthusiasts Are Showing That 65 Is the Speed of Business

The dawn of the global COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on a lot of the business plans. Suddenly, business owners were no longer able to pop-in at client sites and schmooz with their customers, or potential customers. In fact, a lot of the frequent business travelers have had to adjust away from flying as readily …

Hyundai Santa Cruz Shell on a forklift

Hyundai’s Santa Cruz Unibody Frame Doesn’t Stop It From Off-Roading

I have been a bit critical of Hyundai for not producing an off-road variant of the Palisade. Granted, the SUV is pretty capable in stock form to take on the rigors of shuttling people back and forth, even over a dirt road. However, a true off-road or overlanding capable trim level would add to the …

2021 Infiniti QX80 outside of an office building

2020 Infiniti QX80 Takes on the Rebelle Rally With Alice Chase Onboard

The Rebelle Rally begins tomorrow. A 2020 Infiniti QX80 will be amongst the entry field with Team Wander Women aboard when it starts. If the rally’s history holds true, this year will again be long and dangerous for all the teams as they undertake a crossing from Nevada to California. It is a trip that will cover …

Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor ride their Harley-Davidson LiveWires in 'Long Way Up'
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‘Long Way Up’ Makes You Want To Ride Out and Explore

Going off-road on a motorcycle is already intimidating enough for some. Doing it on an electric bike—a pre-production one at that—just seems like ratcheting the difficulty from Hard to Nightmare. But that’s exactly the premise behind the new series Long Way Up, starring known motorcycle fan Ewan McGregor. And after watching the first 4 episodes, …

A white, double axle, pull behind RV trailer

Rejuvenate Your RV With These Crafty Decorating Ideas

I am a self-proclaimed “Car Nut”. I suffer from OCOB, Obessive Car On Brain Disorder. As such, I often visualize how I am going to modify a vehicle that I own. Sometimes it is a mild customization like wider tires and window tint, while other times the visualization involves lift kits, lowering kits, fancy paint, …

Three USPS trucks are awaiting loading and unloading.

What RV Owners Need To Know About Mail Forwarding

If you decide to become a fulltime or most-time RV traveler, you are going to need a good support system. Personal relationships that will check in on you to make sure you are okay is great, but ensuring the flow of mail to the town you park your RV is critical too! If you are …

EarthCruiser TerraNova Expedition camper RV rendering
Marine & RVs

The EarthCruiser Terranova Is the Truck You Need

The EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper is the perfect home away from home. Full off-grid living capability and off-road prowess make it easy to imagine myself in one with the family in tow, off on some wild adventure down the Pan-American highway. In fact, it’s really the truck and off-road RV everyone needs––even if they don’t …

EC terranova
Marine & RVs

The EarthCruiser Terranova Is a ‘Sprinter Van Killer’

The team at EarthCruiser is talented and passionate about overland adventures. I had the privilege of speaking with three of the individuals behind the production of the epic EarthCruiser line. With the release of the all-new EarthCruiser Terranova Expedition camper, there are of course some questions. However, over the course of the conversation, I learned …

A blue-and-silver and a red-and-silver 2021 BMW F 850 GS Adventure on a mountain gravel trail
2 Wheels

Can You Go Overlanding on a Motorcycle?

Overlanding is often done in trucks, vans, and SUVs. But since motorcycles can be used for camping and off-roading, why not overlanding, too? Like the other activities, traveling overland on 2 wheels isn’t necessarily easy. However, with a bit of preparation, there’s no reason it has to be overly intimidating. Overlanding vs. off-roading: motorcycle considerations …

Firefighters protect an escaping RV from a wild fire.

These Tips Can Keep Your RV From Burning To the Ground

Being out on the road in an RV can be liberating. Traveling to destinations of scenic beauty or historical significance can be a thrilling part of an adventure. But, just as any trip can be satisfying, it can also be more challenging. One of the ways to avoid some of the pitfalls that an RV can …

A silver Winnebago Revel RV sits atop a hill on at dusk.

Don’t Make These RV Newbie Mistakes

Many people consider making a full-time living, or most-time living, in an RV. In fact, RV related videos on Youtube are plentiful and show people enjoying traveling, nature, and the adventure that comes with the lifestyle. But don’t be fooled. There are both challenges and benefits to RV living. Youtubers don’t always upload the challenges …

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.

What Is the Difference Between a Campground, RV Campground, and RV Resort?

There comes a time for every RV and outdoor enthusiast when they come to the realization that there is a huge difference between the types of parks. Some of those parks will be more conducive to the RV experience than others. For example, while many people are familiar with what boondocking is, not as many …

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.
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You Need to Do This Before Storing Your RV

This is the time of year that people start wrapping up their warm-weather vacation plans. That means there are going to be a lot of motorhomes, pop-up campers, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers about to get put into storage for a few months. Regardless of the type of RV people enjoy, taking care of a few …

A motorhome RV camper parked on a road in front of a mountain
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How Can I Rent My RV?

Let’s face it. As much as we enjoy an RV, they are not used all the time. So, the van, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome just sits there most of the time, while you and I have to pay for them. So, instead of paying storage fees, or having the RV sit under trees in …

Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared in action off-road
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If You Haven’t Watched 4WD 24/7 You’re Missing the Action

Perhaps you’re familiar with this off-road YouTube channel called “four-wheel-drive (4WD) Action.” Well, now it’s called 4WD 24/7 and if you haven’t watched you’re missing out. The channel features some of the most insane off-roading and overland challenges ever, and it’s set in Australia. Admittedly, my sons first showed me the channel. But once I …

2021 Ford Bronco driving through mud and dirt
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Your Bronco, Wrangler, or Defender Is an Epic Off-Road RV

If you buy a new Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, or––yes––even a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon there’s a chance you plan to take it off-road. But what if you could change it into a full-time off-road RV camper? Turns out you can. Thanks to this Germany conversion design company, GehoCab, you can turn your overlanding …

A gray Jeep Gladiator pickup is going down a trail road.

Jeep Debuts Gladiator Farout Concept

In a press release this morning, Jeep announced that they have a new concept vehicle. It is a version of the Jeep Gladiator that has been made into an overlanding rig. It has been outfitted pretty well to that end and still achieves strong mileage figures, which is important when overlanding far away from civilization. …

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.
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Fulltime RV Living Is Easier Than You Think

The thought of living in an RV may cause some people a little angst. The more inexperienced a person is, the more angst there may be. It may seem overwhelming to think about finding a good place for the RV to be parked for the night, or what to do when sunlight keeps shining in …

A white modified 2005 Lexus LX470 in a country field
Trucks & SUVs

This Lexus LX470 Can Overland in Luxury

No one ever said overlanding or off-roading couldn’t be done in luxury. For one, quite a few owners have taken vehicles like the Audi Allroad and Porsche 924 rather far from paved roads. Not to mention, that’s the whole point behind luxury SUVs like the Range Rover. But for an overland-ready luxury SUV that won’t …

A white RV on a cab-over chassis is parked downtown.
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Fans of RV and Outdoor Lifestyle Rejoice at Passage of Bill

RV fans know that the modernization of outdoor recreation-related facilities has been sorely lagging for many years. However, the bipartisan legislation called the Great American Outdoors Act, was overwhelmingly supported and approved on Tuesday, July 22nd. Its goal is to repair ailing infrastructure and protect special natural locations. The passage of the bill has caused …

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.
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Winnebago RV Growth During COVID-19 Lockdown

Motorbiscuit has covered before how the global COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to consider RV, overlanding, and offroading trips and activities to a greater degree. Consequently, many businesses in that market segment have seen sales growth. The popular company, Winnebago is no exception. The RV and boat manufacturer has become strong enough through the …

The Airstream travel trailer is by a campsite, a truck, and solar panels.
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Airstream Launches the 2021 Basecamp 20 and 20x Travel Trailers

The Basecamp travel trailer has been one of the strongest sellers Airstream has. But demand remains strong for Airstream. That is why the company decided to make a larger Basecamp model with some attention paid to customer-requested items and features. So, Airstream has introduced two new larger Basecamp models.  Airstream’s original Basecamp model The Basecamp …

The 2021 Ford Bronco two door model, which is set to compete against the Jeep Wrangler

The New 2021 Ford Bronco Versus the Toyota FJ Cruiser

There has been a lot of news lately on the 2021 Ford Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler rivalry. But, it would be remiss to discuss any offroad lineup without also including the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Although the Toyota FJ Cruiser was cancelled in the United States in 2014, it has still left a loyal fan …

Rear view of a tan modified 2015 Audi A4 Allroad in an open sunset field
Tips, Tricks & Trends

This Audi Allroad Really Can Go on All Roads

Luxury wagons aren’t typically used as overlanding vehicles. Especially ones from Audi. Despite the name, the Audi A4 Allroad’s biggest off-road benefit over the non-US-market Avant is more ride height. However, one A4 Allroad owner, Gene Pascua, wanted to honor the brand’s Quattro rally racers. The result is an Audi A4 Allroad that can properly …

The rear of an RV has a porch tent platform.
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This Sport RV Van Has An Expandable Porch

The making of an RV is a complicated thing. Engineers and designers have to maximize the use of every inch of the vehicle. It gets even more complicated when the base for the RV is a smaller passenger van. But, year in and year out, RV manufacturers have found ways to make vanlife more and …

Green Scout Campers Yoho on a black Ford Ranger, viewed from the side
Trucks & SUVs

Scout Campers’ Yoho Lets Smaller Trucks Go Camping Too

If an RV is outside your budget and/or space, a pickup truck bed camper makes a great alternative. However, for smaller trucks, finding a camper that fits in the bed, and light enough to prevent overloading, can be tricky. Go Fast Campers’ products definitely fit the bill, but they’re a bit light on features. Luckily, …

A red Jeep Gladiator parked on a dirt road
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Watch a Jeep Gladiator Overlanding Extreme Build Review

The Jeep brand has been increasingly popular amongst people that like to modify their vehicles and go off-road. The legendary Wrangler has been the most supported off-road platform by the aftermarket industry for decades. But, now Jeep has the Gladiator pickup which draws on the Wrangler’s looks and ease of modification. So, it is no …

EarthCruiser dual cab RV with the family bikes leaning up against the cab
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Apocalyptic Survival With a Minivan Twist

With air travel slowed way down, resourceful traveling families are finding new ways to get out and live their adventure. RV sales have spiked. But should you buy or rent an RV? This new Dual Cab EarthCruiser is the perfect home on wheels––with a minivan twist The Dual Cab 4×4 rollabout tiny home can do …

A Ford Transit van that has been converted for van life sits by the beach ready for everyone and the dog
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5 Used Vans Under $20,000 for Vanlife Conversion

The full-size van is a popular platform for conversion into a vanlife ride. There are several of them available. Some have four-wheel drive. They are also roomy. However, when new, they can be pricey, which can be prohibitive to someone considering vanlife as a possibility. So, the used van is an alternative many people move to. Here are five vans that …

2020 Lexus 460 GX Overland luxury camping concept parked in gravel
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7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Overlanding Dads

Father’s Day is around the corner. But there is still time to get your favorite overlanding dad a gift for his adventuring trips. Here is a list of seven things that overlanders need, but don’t always have. They are listed in no particular order. 1. Winch Recovery Kit A winch recovery kit is a necessity even if the vehicle dad chooses to go …