Don’t Buy a Massive RV; The Mobi X Tiny Camper Is Bad to the Bone

RVs, camper vans, and camping trailers all require a deep understanding of your goals and needs in order to spend your money wisely. Unless your pockets are bottomless, finding which camper is right for your off-grid needs will likely require sacrifices. But with the help of Mobi Nomad, It makes the number of sacrifices per square foot of camper significantly less. The Mobi X is everything you need from a camper in an incredibly compact package.

As long as you are cool with a simpler version of home, the Mobi X can handle all the outdoor needs. Mobi Nomad made the Mobi X camper as the ultimate overlanding accessory. Its relatively small size and beefy off-road tires allow the camper to be dragged deep into the wild places of the world. 

The Mobi Nomad Mobi X is bad to the bone

Taking a page from the old days’ pull-behind, pop-up campers, the Mobi X camper operates like these pop-ups without being large and clunky. Unlike those old land-locked houseboats, the Mobi X measures only 12 feet long, 5 and a half feet wide, and only 6 feet tall while in roaming mode. 

Tent on snowfield of mountaineers climbing the Mont Blanc in the French Alps, France
Camper and Tent on snowfield French Alps, France | Getty Images

Once you find a camp, the Mobi X unfolds into a stellar overlanding home base. The camper’s shell is a monohull molded fiberglass body making for a dry and airtight interior. The trailer’s middle section opens to allow a bed and living quarters for two. As an optional extra, you can get the roof tent. It has a separate entrance via an exterior ladder that allows for privacy for both tent goers and anyone staying inside the camper. While roaming, this cabin offers an enormous amount of gear for any camping needs that could come up.

Mobi X gear and extras

Of course, the Mobi X comes with a plethora of storage options both inside and out. It comes with sliding windows with bug screens and a mesh door option to allow for fresh air while keeping any unwanted critters out. 

The camper is lined with fuel and water jerry cans, an HD ladder, stone guards around the body to shield the windows, seven LED lights, a water hose, shovel, two camping chairs, and 4 camping storage crates. All of these bits of gear come as standard with the Mobi X.

Camper Facilities

Although the interior is a bit small, Mobi Nomad made full use of the camper’s exterior. A full, room-sized tent extends out from the camper and can work as both a bathroom with a water tank for the sower and portable toilets or use as a second bedroom. 


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There is also a fully equipped kitchen for four people, including; dual burner stove, cutlery, plates, bowls, kettle, a cast iron pot, a set of pans, cutlery, plates, stoneware, and containers—all of this without taking up valuable room inside the living space of the camper. 

Lastly, the Mobi X has a nearly 40-gallon water tank for the shower and kitchen. Better still, this tiny camper has its own water heater and battery power, and charger system to power everything. So much in such a small package.

Who needs a giant RV when tiny this camper exists?

Yes, with something this small, you are sacrificing certain comforts, but the ease of transporting it and storing it vastly outweighs the little bit of legroom you get while playing cards at an RV kitchen table. This little thing can live in your garage or driveway and take up no more room than most normal sized SUVs. I see the shot here. Go small or go home.