This 2018 Ford Raptor Overland Camper Will Stop You Dead In Your Tracks

The overlanders have been building custom campers and rolling homes for years, but it is only more recently that the general public has taken notice of what they are up to. COVID-19 has made the desire to get out into the wilderness more palatable for those who otherwise wouldn’t go camping or work remotely. As the interest grows, the builds get cooler and cooler. This 2018 Ford Raptor overland camper might be the coolest camper I’ve ever seen. 

A 2018 Ford Raptor is a perfect overland camper 

Expedition Portal showcases this incredible Ford Raptor camper conversion in all its glory. Imagine ripping this bad boy through the dunes of Baja only to park it on the beach at camp for the night. Well, I think that is exactly what its builder had in mind. 

green 2018 Ford Raptor camper overland camper conversion in the desert
2018 Ford Raptor overland camper | ExPo, Jack

Ford made the Raptor for just that sort of activity. This particular example has 48,000 miles on it, making it still in the prime of its due-jumping life. Raptors of this era are powered by the twin-turbocharged V6, good for about 450 hp. Although Raptors are pretty sporty and aggressive, this camper build has planned for the Raptor driving style and added a beautifully compact and dune-jumping camper shell. 

What makes this Raptor a camper?

If a typical Raptor isn’t cool enough on its own, try adding the AT Overland Sumit camper shell. This camper shell is perfect for the sporty Raptor because it is simple and lightweight. Unlike so many other camper shells, the AT Sumit isn’t tall and heavy. They build these specifically to be lighter than other shells. Because the Sumit is a pop-up camper like the old VW Synchro vans, the center of gravity doesn’t get all thrown out of wack by its height. The entire system amazingly only adds around 650lbs to the truck. 

green 2018 Ford Raptor camper conversion in the desert
2018 Ford Raptor overland camper | ExPo, Jack

The Raptor is mostly stock as far as the mechanical side of things is concerned. However, the back half of the truck is a different story. The AT Sumit camper top is built with a skylight to keep things bright and cozy and features a Goose storage system. There is also a roof rack (‘cause what overlander doesn’t have a roof rack?).

What other modifications are there? 

Although the camper shell is lightweight for a camper, it still adds a decent bit of weight to the Raptor, so the builder added HD springs to account for it. Of course, like any good off-roader, it got some new lights; 3 ARB Infinity LED off-road lights, to be specific. 

green 2018 Ford Raptor camper conversion in the desert
2018 Ford Raptor overland camper | ExPo, Jack

Any SUV Can Turn Overlander With Just a Few Pieces of Gear

There are so many extra accessories and modifications that make this truck so capable. According to Expedition Portal, they added a Tuffy dual compartment locking storage box beneath the rear seats, Falken Wild Peak A/T3W LT315/70R17 tires, 170-watt solar panel with Victron controller, a National Luna Power Pack with Group 31 AGM battery, and a National Luna 50 L fridge/freezer with dual controls. 

Hand on cause there’s more…

Overlanders need options to be reliable and fit for life in the wild. These options look like storage for gear, alternative power, lighting options, and emergency kits. To that end, there are more features that keep the options coming for this Baja camper. They added Extra LED and 12V outlets, an insulated removable camper blanket, a Goose Gear Habitat Camp Kitchen with slide-out for fridge and stove, and Goose Gear Habitat storage cabinets and drawer modules. 

This Raptor is more than just something to drool over

The owner is now offering it for sale (as of this writing). If you check out the used car sites, you’ll find many 2018 Ford Raptors for sale with this milage from anywhere from $50k-$60k. This one is a screaming deal at $75. Not only is it a Raptor, but it’s one you can live in.