Any SUV Can Turn Overlander With Just a Few Pieces of Gear

The interest in overlanding continues to grow. People love it. COVID has certainly only fanned the flames by increasing people’s desire to get away from crowded cities and into the woods in a self-sufficient way. Overland rigs can be intimidating, but Luno has come out with a few simple solutions to keeping your daily, a daily, while still being able to sleep in it over the weekend. 

Overlanding rigs made simple

Part of what makes an overlanding rig capable is the ability to not only allow for a self-sufficient trip into the wilderness but also getting into that wilderness. Many serious overlanding rigs are beefy, tough, 4×4 platforms that look like they were meant more for the moon than some woods in Idaho or some such. 

Luno overland camper conversion
Luno overland camper air mattress | Luno

Luno will not make your Honda CRV an earth munching off-roader, but it can help make whatever SUV you drive a little more livable out in the wilderness.

What is Luno?

Luno is a company that is dedicated to bringing the #vanlife to everyone regardless of their van access. The folks at Luno are dedicated to making car camping an approachable and comfortable prospect for experienced campers and novice all the same. 

Luno overland camper conversion
Luno overland camper conversion | Luno

The cornerstone

The car camping company’s staple item is the Luno air mattress. These inflatable air mattresses are specifically for each model SUV with contours to fit around the wheel wells. You simply plug in your year make and model in the table on their site and, if they make it for you SUV, you get a custom-fitted mattress. 

Sleeping is not the only aspect that makes for an overlander, but it the largest aspect. The bed/roof tent is the main part that always makes overland rigs cost more money and be larger than a normal SUV. This inflatable mattress breaks down into a small, stable package and costs a tiny fraction of most overland sleeping options. 

Luno seat back camper storage
Luno seat back storage | Luno

You Can Turn a Toyota Sienna Into a Campervan for Less Than You Think

While packing a traditional tent is always an option, and frankly, a good option, depending on where you are trying to camp and what time of year, wet and cold weather can ruin an outing. The Luno setup saves time on putting the camp together and keeps folks camping even in the wet and cold months. 

What else does Luno do?

While Luno’s main product is this custom-fit air mattress, they offer a few other car camping products. Storage is another main feature of a good overlander. Part of self-sufficiency is being able to pack all the gear you might need for comfort, safety, and survival. Luno is thinking of your normal SUV’s lack of storage, too.

The other main product Luno sells is the seat-back organizer. These small seat organizers aren’t a massive deal, but the option to know right where your gear is. The sea-back organizer has eight compartments; a spot for water bottles, phone, books, and even a removable zippable pouch. 

Luno isn’t making some colossal, groundbreaking products, but they are smart and made to be very user friendly. If you are feeling antsy being in town but nervous about the fall and winter months, this may carve a path to camping for you