RV Enthusiasts Are Showing That 65 Is the Speed of Business

The dawn of the global COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on a lot of the business plans. Suddenly, business owners were no longer able to pop-in at client sites and schmooz with their customers, or potential customers. In fact, a lot of the frequent business travelers have had to adjust away from flying as readily as they once did. Crowded masses in airports are still too risky for some to feel comfortable. So, many businesses have refocused. Some have switched to online video meetings through services such as Skype or Zoom. However, not everybody receives the same emotional attachment from a video meeting that they would from an in-person meeting. So, some RV enthusiasts think they have found an answer. That is, taking their RV for a trip to the client sites. 

65 mph is the new speed of business

A motorhome parked on a road in front of a mountain
A large RV camper parked off the Bow Valley Parkway in Canada | George Rose/Getty Images

According to a Boston Globe story, the speed of business may not be the 650 mph that a jet can do. Instead, it may be the 65 mph that an RV can do. The article follows an entrepreneur that started her own business selling a kitchen appliance. The entrepreneur, Robin Liss, says,

“Business is built on trust and relationships, and it’s very hard as human beings to build that trust and those relationships remotely, for whatever reason”

An RV as an office takes a bit of adjustment

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According to the story, she bought an RV in Vermont and has been traveling for business since. It is a bit of an adjustment, though. It is not all enjoyment. She admits that she has not seen a lot of parks or attractions. Instead, she seeks out “urgent care clinics when moving from one state to another, to get COVID-19 tests.” She also avoids public restrooms and restaurants that are geared for dining in. But, then again, it beats traveling on planes.

The end result, according to the article, is that,

“She has also had meetings with current investors in her company and with others too who, she wanted to make a pitch on investing — some in backyards, others in public parks, separated by six feet and with masks on.”

The RV as a mobile office is not new

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The RV, as a mobile office, is not new. Many Youtubers have been documenting their RV nomadic lifestyle for years. But, in order to accomplish RV traveling, they have found ways to do their work through Wi-Fi, and also film their RV adventures. In fact, the filming and uploading to Youtube have become a viable business income stream for many on the road. 

In this time of avoiding crowded airports and bus stations, the RV industry as a whole has been seeing sales numbers rise as a result of COVID. Recreational vehicles allow people to travel, control the cleanliness of their environment, and still be able to work in many cases. So, it is not surprising that business owners are now considering this alternate form of travel to meet with clients, sign deals, and pitch to possible investors.