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It looks like Lexus is finally embracing the fact the LX 600 is a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. At the giant SEMA  aftermarket product show this year in Las Vegas, it showed off two versions of its top-of-the-line SUV that show what it can become when you add a lift, some dirt tires, and some racks. Overlanding vehicles, or those made to go off-the-grid for weeks at a time, were a big theme at the specialty show this year and Lexus’s booth was full of several cool off-road overlanding versions of the big LX 600 and the GX 460 (and one street version).

LX 600 Alpine Lifestyle gets cooler storage

When we say cooler storage, we mean exactly that. Lexus partnered with cooler manufacturer Yeti this year to develop the LX 600 Alpine Concept, and outfitted the back and the roof with several Yeti cooler storage ideas. Not all of us need to take 17 coolers on a picnic, but it’s nice to know you can.

But coolers aren’t all that Lexus added to the Alpine concept. It also got a Dissent brand Off-Road Body Armor System, some cool JAOS Carbon Fiver Over Fenders, which were necessary to cover the Vossen HF6-4 Hybrid Forged 20×9.5 Anthracite wheels paired with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires.

The GX 460 Overlander makes this 4×4 a 4×4

2023 Lexus Overland concept with a purple wrap
GX 460 Overland Concept | Lexus

Just like how Lexus rebadges the Land Cruiser for Lexus duty, its GX 460 sibling is a global market Prado off-roader with leather. The Prado is similar to a 4Runner, but it, too, is not sold in the U.S. Instead, it’s the GX and it still has off-roader chops and capabilities so it makes sense that Lexus leaned into the overlanding theme this year with one. Most overlanders are basic SUVs or vans, but this one kept the luxury leather and wood trim that the Lexus brand is known for and added some goodies.

For the GC 460 Overlander, Lexus added overland essential drawers, in this case from Goose Gear, as well as racks form Kaon and a fridge. The undercarriage features a full complement of CBI protection from the sliders and skid plates. To top it off, the Prinsu roof rack offers the utility of mounting and storage for gear in addition to supporting the Yakima roof top tent. The GX 460 Overland Concept also features the ARB Linx switch control system, Rigid lighting, ARB compressor and Yaesu 2M radio for trail and emergency communications. The rear door provides a High Ground Fabrication tire mount that allows easy access to the matching oversized wheel/tire.

The LX600 Urban Concept is street focused

LX 600 street concept from Lexus in white
The LX 600 Street Concept | Lexus

Many of us love the big LX because it’s, essentially an off-roader. However the LX 600 Urban Concept takes those off-road bones and instead tunes the LX for street use. For the SEMA concept, Lexus lowered it, added a multi-piece body kit, and then added HRE wheel and a special exhaust. Of course, any street build needs to stop as well as it goes, so Lexus also added Glossy Black Brembo B-M8 brakes.  

Could we see something like this hit the street in real life? For sure. Last year, Lexus took an LX 600 in F Sport trim to SEMA as a concept. That F Sport handling and appearance package became the 2022 LX 600 F Sport Handling version which starts at $102,345. All of the pieces of the Urban Concept, and the other concepts, though, are aftermarket goodies that anyone can buy today and add to their Lexus.  


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