A photo of a Harley-Davidson Sportster on the road.
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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Harley-Davidson?

If you’ve been eyeing a Harley-Davidson as your next motorcycle, it’s almost the right time to buy. As the snow begins to fall and motorcycles and sports cars alike retreat into garages, a unique opportunity appears. With fewer riders on the road and almost none buying bikes. Harley-Davidson’s sales figures show the end of the …

a front view image of a red, white, and blue Honda Fireblade sport bike
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Is the 2021 Honda Fireblade Worth its Insanely High Price?

The Honda Fireblade has been the envy of the U.S. motorcycle market for a long time. Finally, this year we got the 2021 Honda Fireblade SP in American showrooms all over the country. But with a starting price tag of nearly $30 grand, some enthusiasts are bound to balk at its costly price tag. Is …

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How Do Self-Balancing Motorcycles Work?

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, then you know that balancing it when coming to or sitting at a stop is important. In fact, some have said around 99% of all new riders will end up dropping their bike at some point. And while that may or may not be true, there are manufacturers …

Roadman motorcycle camper RV trailer

Motorcycle Camper Trailer RVs Are a Thing

Mention the term RV, and people often think of a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome. Most of those have one thing in common. All the RV units, but the motorhome, have to be towed. So, often people have, or borrow, a vehicle of some sort to do the pulling duties. But, did you …

Ewan McGregor on his blue Harley-Davidson LiveWire modified for Long Way Up
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How Did Ewan McGregor Get Into Motorcycles?

While Jay Leno may be one of the most prominent celebrities with a motorcycle collection, he’s not the only bike fan. Dax Shepard and Ryan Reynolds are both avid riders. Ludacris has an appreciation for Harley-Davidsons. Keanu Reeves loves motorcycles so much, he co-founded his own bike company. And if you’ve ever wanted to overland …

Best dirt bikes
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2 Races Left in 1 Weird Motocross Season

We haven’t seen a Motocross race in October since 1992. Additionally, this season will see the latest closing race since the October 13th conclusion at Unadilla in 1991. Then there was that time Tomac won a million dollars on October 13th in 2018 at the Monster Energy Cup. However, overall we rarely see a Motocross …

An orange-tanked Harley-Davidson Pan America concept parked on a dry lakebed
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The Harley-Davidson Pan America Adventure Bike Will Hit the Dirt Soon

Although it makes some excellent cruisers, Harley-Davidson’s lineup outside the segment is basically just the electric LiveWire. However, as part of its plan under past-CEO Matt Levatich, Harley was working on several decidedly non-cruiser bikes. One of these planned models was the Harley-Davidson Pan America, an adventure bike meant to take on manufacturers like BMW. …

A blue-and-silver and a red-and-silver 2021 BMW F 850 GS Adventure on a mountain gravel trail
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Can You Go Overlanding on a Motorcycle?

Overlanding is often done in trucks, vans, and SUVs. But since motorcycles can be used for camping and off-roading, why not overlanding, too? Like the other activities, traveling overland on 2 wheels isn’t necessarily easy. However, with a bit of preparation, there’s no reason it has to be overly intimidating. Overlanding vs. off-roading: motorcycle considerations …

Motorcycle on highway
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Are Motorcycles Without Mufflers Illegal in the United States?

New motorcycle sales in the U.S. have dropped comparatively to their historic numbers. In 2017, about 472,000 sales occurred compared to 2007’s over a million, in new sales. These motorcycle numbers from Statista don’t actually paint a picture of what’s happening in the automotive world as registered motorcycles in the U.S. has risen constantly since 2007 …

A rider does a burnout on a red 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S
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The 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 Is a Naked but Not Raw Panigale

While a beginning track racer might not take full advantage of the Panigale V4’s electronics, there’s a reason Ducati’s super sportbike has been compared to Ferraris. The Italian marque has already expanded its platform’s appeal with the two-cylinder Panigale V2. Now, it’s removed unnecessary accouterments to create the Ducati Streetfighter V4 naked bike. And in …

A white-red-and-blue 2021 BMW M 1000 RR on a rear-wheel stand
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The 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Is the M3 of Motorcycles

While cars may be BMW’s main focus today, after switching over from planes, the German marque started with motorcycles first. But while BMW Motorrad offers well-reviewed adventure bikes, touring bikes, and even a new cruiser, it’s still separate from the automotive business. As such, the motorcycles don’t really share anything with the cars. However, that’s …

A red cruiser motorcycle parked next to a green camping tent in a grassy field
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How Do You Go Camping on a Motorcycle?

With camping’s recent popularity explosion, it’s little wonder some want to pair it with another excellent social-distancing activity: riding motorcycles. But just like car camping, motorcycle camping requires a fair bit of prep work. However, as with off-roading on 2 wheels, with careful planning, it doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. What kind of …

A black 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse with optional tall handlebars in front of a train
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Does the 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse Gallop Past the BMW R18?

With the release of the R18 cruiser, BMW’s motorcycle division has something to take Harley-Davidson head-on. But Harley-Davidson isn’t the only bike company with cruisers; it’s not even the only American one. Indian has a long and historic rivalry with Harley, and it similarly focuses on cruiser-style bikes. And for 2021, it might have something …

The black-and-chrome-trimmed 2021 BMW R18 First Edition
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The 2021 BMW R18 Cruiser Is a Bavarian Harley-Davidson

Usually, adventure bikes are the first things that come to mind when thinking about BMW motorcycles. But the German company also offers sportbikes and some scrambler look-alikes. And for a brief period, it had a cruiser, too. But despite starring in a James Bond movie, the R1200C wasn’t particularly popular. However, the company is taking …

The 2019 Peugeot P2X Concept 300cc motorcycle at EICMA
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Peugeot Motorcycles Is Moving Beyond Scooters and Mopeds

Liter bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa may thrill, but it’s the small-capacity motorcycles where a lot of the sales are. Honda offers a slew of them, from the Grom to the CB300R. And KTM is expanding its Duke lineup in the US with its new 200cc model. Now, though, there’s another name joining in: Peugeot …

A black-and-gold 1981 Ducati 900SS Super Sport Desmo
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The Ducati SuperSport: From Classic Racer To Modern Sport Touring Bike

Even before the Desmosedici RR came out, many of Ducati’s bikes had origins in racing. It’s partially why the Italian brand is called ‘the Ferrari of motorcycles.’ And it continues to this day. The Scrambler, for example, isn’t just about looks—it can actually go off-road. Some models, though, have evolved somewhat from their origins. Such …

a blue 3 Series at speed on a scenic mountain road.
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Is BMW a German Car Company?

If you want a brand based on luxury and performance, BMW is one of the world’s leaders. It’s a coveted luxury carmaker with a full line of vehicles from roadsters to three-row SUVs. The company is also a big name in the motorcycle world. With an undeniable presence here in the states, some might wonder …

A red 2020 Ducati Monster 797
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The Next-Gen Ducati Monster May Be Ditching Something Iconic

The Ducati lineup includes many exciting and desirable motorcycles. The Panigale, whether in V4 or V2 form, has plenty of performance and electronic aids. And the Ducati Scrambler is a genuine off-roader and a Mint 400 winner. Then there are the brand’s past models, like the still-stylish 916. However, a significant portion of the company’s …

A red 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 S next to a white-and-blue 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in front of the setting sun
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A 15-Year-Old Suzuki GSX-R1000 Can Keep up With a Ducati Panigale V4

While its motorcycles aren’t the most expensive, Ducati’s bikes are arguably some of the most desirable. Especially its Panigale line of sportbikes. The V2 model is quick in its own right and keeps the manufacturer’s L-twin tradition alive. But if you want the closest thing to a commuter-friendly Desmosedici RR, you’ll need the Ducati Panigale …

A black 1940 Crocker Big Tank
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Crocker: The American Motorcycle Brand More Valuable Than Harley-Davidson

While Indian and Harley-Davidson may be the biggest names in American motorcycles today, they weren’t always the only ones. Indian in particular owes a lot to Henderson, maker of four-cylinder bikes. Henderson was preceded in turn by another four-cylinder brand, Pierce-Arrow. And there’s another American motorcycle company worth celebrating. One whose bikes command higher prices …

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Are Motorcycle Airbag Jackets Worth Buying?

When riding a motorcycle, your safety is of the utmost importance. Sure, feeling the speed and the open air are the best parts of riding, but what happens if you get into an accident? Unlike a car, there’s no glass, plastic, sheet metal, or airbags to shield you from harm, however, with an airbag jacket …

A red 2021 Honda CB300R to the left of a blue 1975 Honda CB360T
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Honda CB300R vs. CB360: How Affordable Bikes Have Changed

Honda has something of a history when it comes to affordable motorcycles. Although the Vincent Black Shadow arguably beat it to the ‘superbike’ title, the CB750 offered genuine superbike tech at a reasonable price. And of course, there’s the famous Super Cub, which is quite possibly the best-selling motor vehicle ever. Today, one of Honda’s …

The green-tanked Royal Enfield Concept KX cruiser
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Is Royal Enfield Looking To Take on Harley-Davidson’s Cruisers?

With Royal Enfield’s classic-styled standard motorcycle and café racer each a resounding hit, the Indian company is starting to expand its offerings. It already offers one Triumph rival in the form of the Bonneville-esque Interceptor 650. And rumors claim it’s also working on a competitor for the Triumph Scrambler. The latest news, though, seems to …

A black-and-red 1929 Indian 101 Scout on its rear-wheel stand
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This Is Why the Original Indian Scout Is a Classic Motorcycle Icon

If you’re looking for an inexpensive modern cruiser, the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty are a great place to start. The latter has been bobbed and even out-fitted for jungle expeditions. But like the Triumph Bonneville, the Indian Scout has an extensive back-story. And much like the Bonneville, the original Scouts are still regarded as …

A rider guides a blue-and-white 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan through a forest
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The 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan Is Still an Adventure Bike Bargain

Even amongst other affordable adventure bikes, the Royal Enfield Himalayan still strikes a bargain. True, it doesn’t have all the bells-and-whistles that pricier ADV motorcycles offer. But it’s an honest off-roader that can be had for less than the price of some used models. And for 20201, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is getting a few …

A white 2021 Triumph Trident prototype in front of a garage
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The Triumph Trident, the Original Rocket 3, Is Coming Back

The current Rocket 3 isn’t Triumph’s only three-cylinder bike, though it does have the biggest engine. And soon, it will be joined by one more triple, bearing a familiar nameplate. The British motorcycle company has already successfully re-introduced the classically-styled Bonneville and Thruxton to a modern audience. Now, it’s the Triumph Trident’s turn. The history …

2020 Honda Civic Si Coupe | Honda
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Is Honda a Japanese Car Company?

Over the course of centuries, Japan earned a reputation for expertly blending modernity and tradition. Honda is a car company well known for producing a number of vehicles. Dirt bikes, ATVs, motorcycles, and automobiles––even power products like tillers and generators––from Honda Motor Company are made with a certain level of attention to detail. For this …

A black-and-orange 2020 KTM 200 Duke
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Meet KTM’s Cheapest New Naked Bike: The 200 Duke

Generally speaking, it’s best for beginning riders to start with small-capacity motorcycles. Not just because they’re easier to control, but because of lower repair and replacement costs. But it’s not like getting a moped or a scooter is your only option. There are several affordable sport bikes and adventure bikes, just to name 2 categories, …

A motorcycle rider looks for a parking spot outside the Full Throttle Saloon during the 80th Annual Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Sees 460,000 Mostly Unprotected Bikers

The town of Sturgis, in South Dakota, holds a motorcycle rally every year. It is known as one of the largest, if not the largest, motorcycle-based festival in the nation. Motorcycle enthusiasts from all backgrounds, socio-economic classes, and nationalities arrive in town for ten days of motorcycle culture appreciation. This year’s event just concluded, seeing …

Stacks of car radiators with their grilles on a factor floor
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It’s Probably Time You Changed Your Car’s Radiator

Coolant is just as important as oil when it comes to car maintenance. But so is where the coolant resides—the radiator. Compared to moving wear items like timing belts, brake pads, and clutches, your car’s radiator is fairly long-lived. But nothing on or in your vehicle lasts forever, not even the radiator. Air-cooling vs. liquid-cooling …

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained holds a carburetor in his right hand and an electronic fuel injector in his left hand
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Your Fuel Injectors Really Do Need to Be Cleaned

Oil and coolant aren’t the only fluids involved in car and motorcycle maintenance. But even if you change your transmission fluid, if your vehicle isn’t electric, it’s not going to run without gasoline or diesel. Or rather, it won’t run unless the fuel makes its way into the combustion chamber. Which, in modern vehicles, is …

A white-and-red 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 next to a red-and-white 1959 Triumph Bonneville T120
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A Classic Triumph Bonneville Doesn’t Have Modern Reliability

While there’s no shortage of vintage-style bikes on sale today, arguably the segment’s best example is the Triumph Bonneville. Although the Ducati Sport 1000 sort of got there first, the Bonneville, Thruxton café racer, and Scrambler have together inspired a whole host of neo-classic motorcycles. Some, though, maybe inspired to get their hands on a …

A black 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR in a studio
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The Harley-Davidson XLCR Is the Forgotten American Cafe Racer

Though the electric LiveWire is an honest performance bike, Harley-Davidson’s bread-and-butter is still cruisers, tourers, and baggers. But the American motorcycle company has attempted to branch out over the years, though not always successfully. And with its current condition, it’s likely the previously-teased café racer and flat tracker concepts won’t be made anytime soon. But …

Fire and smoke arise from a motorcycle stunt that went wrong on the set of Mission Impossible 7.

Stunt Motorcycle Explodes and Sets Fire to Mission Impossible 7 Set

The movie industry will often employ the services of stuntpersons to drive a car or motorcycle into a thrilling scene. These professionals have years of experience with vehicles and can do incredible things with them that average drivers are not prepared for. The Mission Impossible series of movies have been known to use a few …

A black 2021 Honda ADV150 rides down a wet road
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Is the Honda ADV150 Really an Africa Twin Scooter?

Honda’s Africa Twin is one of the best reasonably-priced ADV motorcycles on sale today. But off-roading on 2 wheels isn’t only limited to motorcycles. With the right gear, scooters, even vintage Vespas, can hit the dirt, too. And the new-to-the-US Honda ADV150 claims to channel some of the Africa Twin’s off-pavement spirit. But does it …

A head-on view of the Electra Meccanica Solo three-wheeled autocycle.

Autocycles Are Here, Even If They Face Slow Public Acceptance

In an article posted yesterday, I discussed what an autocycle is. I also mentioned some of the realities autocycle manufacturers are facing. Those included the changing regulations recognizing them as a separate vehicle class from a motorcycle, a growing shift to, and acceptance of, electric motivation, and the psychological barriers for consumers who want to …

A head-on view of the Electra Meccanica Solo three-wheeled autocycle.

Autocycles: Social Norms Are Holding Them Back

Autocycles are a mode of transportation that has struggled to gain popularity. While motorcycles with sidecars and trikes have their place, an autocycle for daily use is even less popular. Part of that is that there is a lack of knowledge about what an autocycle is and how it fits in our automotive culture. Today, …

A red-with-white-stripe 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR on a rear wheel stand
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The Ducati Desmosedici RR Was a Road-Legal MotoGP Race Bike

Aston Martin and Brough Superior’s upcoming superbike’s price tag isn’t the only thing that will make the motorcycle exclusive. It’s a track-only bike, so it doesn’t have to conform to any emissions or other regulations. And as the Ferrari F50 demonstrated, turning a racing machine into a road vehicle isn’t exactly easy. But as Ducati …

A blue 1st-gen Suzuki SV650
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Is the Suzuki SV650 Really a Good Beginner Motorcycle Recommendation?

Typically, many recommended beginner motorcycles are small-capacity machines. Bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja 400, or the Honda Grom and its 125cc cousins, the Super Cub and Monkey. However, there’s another bike, with a noticeably larger engine, that’s also often recommended to newer riders: the Suzuki SV650. But is it actually suitable for beginners? The Suzuki …

A black Vincent Black Shadow
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The Vincent Black Shadow Was the Real First Superbike

Long before the Hayabusa, riders turned to British motorcycles for speed and new technology. In the 20s, the Brough-Superior SS100 went faster than many cars. And in the 60s, café racers roamed the streets trying to do ‘the ton.’ The 70s, though, saw the rise of Japanese bikes, beginning with the Honda CB750, often considered …

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman standing in front of their blue and orange Harley-Davidson LiveWires in the middle of the desert
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Ewan McGregor Goes a Long Way Thanks to Rivian and the Harley-Davidson Livewire

Electric vehicles, whether trucks or motorcycles aren’t typically the steeds of choice for off-road adventures. Especially not ones like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire which, despite offering genuinely impressive performance, isn’t exactly an ADV bike. But if an Indian Scout Sixty can tackle Amazonian jungles, then an electric Harley should be able to as well. And movie …

A blue-and-white 2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
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Husqvarna Vitpilen vs. KTM Duke: Which Bike Should You Buy?

In the US, Husqvarna is arguably best-known for its dual-sport motorcycles. But the Swedish company also has a café racer, the Husqvarna Vitpilen. However, rather like Harley-Davidson once provided engines to Buell, many of Husqvarna’s bikes are built around KTM powertrains. In the Husqvarna Vitpilen’s case, it’s based on the KTM Duke naked bikes. But …

A white-tanked 2020 Moto Guzzi V7 III Special in front of a body of water at sunset
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The Moto Guzzi V7 Is an Overlooked Brand-New Vintage Bike

Those who want classic motorcycle looks without the hassle are a bit spoiled for choice right now. Almost every manufacturer offers a vintage-looking bike. Honda has the Monkey and Super Cub, Triumph the Thruxton café racer and Bonneville, and Royal Enfield’s developing a scrambler. There’s one retro motorcycle, though, which deserves some more attention: the …