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Jason Momoa, famous for “Game of Thrones” and “Aquaman,” didn’t have a Hollywood career that screams “motorcycle and car fanatic.” However, his recent role in “Fast X,” and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle collection say otherwise. A look at the big guy’s preferences confirms his affinity for everything from old-school bikes to electric vehicles (EVs). 

Jason Momoa has a fleet of cool choppers in his motorcycle collection

It’s no secret that Jason Momoa likes Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He even partnered with the Milwaukee motorcycle marque to promote the brand’s bikes and motor clothes lineups. Better yet, the action star simply had to take to the screen aboard a Harley-Davidson in “Fast X.”

In fact, when the “Aquaman” star isn’t being an on-screen heartthrob, he’s likely astride one of his classic choppers. The actor has many historic Harleys, including 1936, 1937, and 1939 knuckleheads. The knucklehead engines are so-named for Harley-Davidson’s early V-Twins and their characteristic rocker boxes.

“I love them all—knuckles, pans, shovels. They’re all different, they all sound great, and they’re all f***ing awesome,” Momoa told interviewers. It’s hard to argue with that. Anyone whose heart thumps like the lumpy cam in a big twin will understand the appeal. That said, Momoa’s affinity for the Bar-and-Shield seems to reside more so with the brand’s classic bikes. You won’t find as many Evolution or Twin Cam examples in the Dothraki King’s motorcycle collection. 

Jason Momoa rides a chopper motorcycle in New York City.
Jason Momoa on a chopper | Gotham via GC Images

Interestingly enough, Momoa reached out to Harley to outfit him with bikes for the latest of the “Fast” franchise films, and the brand responded with six motorcycles. “I totally got hooked up. They let me build it for my character,” Momoa told “Total Film.”

Momoa is a climate-minded guy, and his electric vehicles echo that orientation

While Jason Momoa loves a two-wheeled senior citizen, he has a soft spot for electric vehicles. Consequently, the actor converted many of his off-roaders to EVs. Further, he has a 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire, a fully electric motorcycle. 

Celebrities get ready for a motorcycle ride.
Momoa rides with The Black Keys | Rodin Eckenroth, Getty Images

The LiveWire is the brand’s first EV nameplate and has since migrated into its own sub-brand. I had the opportunity to put some miles on one of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWires, and, needless to say, I get it. 

Sure, I had to overcome some muscle-memory phantom prompts to shift. However, the bike’s instant torque, smooth delivery, and bitey Brembo brakes are nothing short of thrilling. “I’ve put the most hardcore bikers on this electric motorcycle. Guys who are, like, no way—and they come back smiling like little kids,” Jason Momoa said of his LiveWire EV motorcycle. While it’s quite the departure from the rest of his rides, we get why Momoa would want one in his stable.

Source: Men’s Journal, SYFY