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Harley-Davidson Apex motorcycle paint scheme article highlights:

  • The Motor Company will apply a three-color, unique paint scheme to five touring bikes. 
  • The Ultra Limited, Road Glide Special, Street Glide Special, Road King Special, and Road Glide Limited are the only bikes in the lineup that offer the Apex option. 
  • The black, orange, and gray hues take inspiration from the storied XR-750 flat track racing bike.  

Harley-Davidson is leaning pretty heavily toward nostalgic and gripping paint schemes, and the latest Apex program is no different. Harley-Davidson will apply the racing-inspired three-tone scheme to a few of its upper-tier touring bikes. Here’s a look at the Harley-Davidson Apex paint scheme and what to expect. 

The Harley-Davidson Apex liveries add racing inspiration to touring bikes like the Road Glide Special.
Harley-Davidson Apex | Harley-Davidson

Which bikes get the Apex paint scheme?

Only Harley-Davidson’s touring motorcycle line offers the option for the new Apex colors. First, with its fixed Tour-Pak and top touring credentials, the Ultra Limited offers the special edition colors. The touring pack is paint matched, with the reverse-scallop style application complimenting the one-touch saddlebags. Next, the Street Glide Special and the Road Glide Special, with its beloved fixed fairing, get the treatment. 

In addition to the Road Glide Special, the higher-tier Road Glide Limited, with its Tour-Pak and extra touring touches, offers the Apex scheme. Finally, MoCo bestowed the special edition colors to the stripped-down, back-to-basics Road King Special. Every option offers one-touch saddlebags, keyless operation, and a smooth running 114-cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine.  

The Road King and Road Glide Special get the Harley-Davidson Apex treatment.
Road King Special with Apex livery | Harley-Davidson

What inspired the Harley-Davidson Apex paint scheme?

Instead of the military or 1970s, the Motor Company looked to its motorsports heritage for inspiration. Cycle World says that the Apex editions take inspiration directly from the XR-750 flat tracker motorcycle. It isn’t some fad racing bike that operated for a couple of years; it’s a tenured flat tracker with around 52 years of racing experience. Not only is the XR-750 experienced, Cycle World says it is the most successful bike in AMA Pro Racing history. 

It’s only fitting, then, that the Harley-Davidson creative powers-that-be would opt to apply the Jet Fire Orange, Vivid Black, and Gauntlet Gray livery to the touring library. Although the touring bikes aren’t sportbikes like what you’d expect to get racing colors, they benefit from the classic paint scheme.   

Can you get the Harley-Davidson Apex paint on Softails or Sportsters?

Unfortunately for Softail fans, Harley-Davidson Apex livery isn’t available on anything other than touring bikes. Instead, you’ll have to opt for more commonplace pallets on your Low Rider S, like Gunship Gray. Of course, some motorcycles like the Fat Bob 114 still offer two-tone paint jobs. It’s not always solid black. 

The Harley-Davidson Apex livery applies classic racing inspiration to touring bikes like the Road Glide Special.
Harley-Davidson Apex | Harley-Davidson

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What other special edition paint schemes like the Harley-Davidson Apex can you get?

There are a couple of options if you want a special edition paint scheme on different Harley-Davidson motorcycles. First, you could opt for the G.I. Enthusiast collection, which derives inspiration from the US Armed Forces. The Pan America 1250 Special and Tri Glide Ultra offer Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint with star graphics. Also, you could find an Icons edition motorcycle, a blue and white 1969-inspired modern Electra Glide Revival. 

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